High Smashers


Select Game Mode

You can enjoy various game modes in Smash Legends, and there are currently 4 modes you can play.
A 3vs3 mode where the first team to capture the designated area and earn four points wins.
Push off the enemy team from the designated area to deny them points, and have your team stay in the area to earn points.
Battle Royale
A solo mode where the last player standing wins.
Acquire candy from across the map, battle against other players, and survive.
A 1vs1 mode where you will have to duel an opponent in a set area.
First player to earn 3 points by eliminating the opponent wins.
Competitive Match (Coming this April)
A match that incorporates a ranking and draft pick system, each team takes turns selecting Legends with no same Legend on the same team.
You compete with other players for Ranking Points which allow you to advance through tiers.
At the end of each season, you are rewarded based on your performance.
Custom Match
Choose a map and mode of your choice, and play with your friends.
Detailed descriptions of each mode can be found in the Mode & Map document.

Character Controls

1. Mobile

Controls will be displayed as shown above when you enter combat.
(1) Basic Attack Legend Basic Attack Button
(2) Jump Legend Jump Button
(3) Ultimate Legend Ultimate Button
The Ultimate can only be used when the icon’s gauge is full.
(4) Skill Legend Skill Button
(5) Joy Pad Move the Joy Pad on the left to control your Legend’s movement. Simply tap the screen to move your character up/down and left/right.
(6) Emoji Setting an Emoji in your Profile will allow you to use it in combat.
Control settings can be found in the Additional Features document.

2. PC

Use the keyboard to move your Legend and activate their Skills.
You can customize your key bindings at the Lobby under [Menu] - [Settings] - [Controls].

In-game Items

1. Bombs

Bombs will appear at spawn points.
Approach the bomb to pick it up, and throw it at enemies to deal damage.

2. Cooldown Drinks

Cooldown Drinks will appear at spawn points.
Pick up Cooldown Drinks by pressing the Basic Attack key near them.
Instantly recover a portion of the Ultimate gauge for drinking a Cooldown Drink.

3. HP Potions

Potions will appear at spawn points.
Pick up HP Potions by pressing the Basic Attack key near them.
There are 2 types of HP Potions.
Small HP Potion
Recovers 20% of a Legend’s HP.
Medium HP Potion
Appears on certain locations at certain maps, and recovers 40% of a Legend’s HP.


The Summary will display the winners of the match and the MVP.
Check out the results of your game here.
The amount of Credit and Experience you earn will depend on whether you win or lose, and the game will reward you with more on a win.
You can earn more Credits and Experience when you purchase a booster.
Meeting a Smash Pass quest’s requirements will increase your quest progress.

Tier and Level

1. Competitive Match Tier (Coming after April)

2. Smasher Level

Check out your Smasher Level at the Lobby or the Profile menu.
The Smasher Level and Legend Mastery can be raised by playing the game.