High Smashers

Legend Leveling

Legend Experience and Skill Level

Legend Experience can be raised by playing the game.
You can upgrade a Legend’s Skill Level by gaining Legend Experience. A certain amount of Credit is required to raise a Legend’s Skill Level.

Legend Mastery and Legend Road

Legend Mastery can be raised by playing the game.
Earn Legend Masteries to gain Legend Abilities from Legend Road rewards. You can use Gems to gain additional Abilities as rewards.

Legend Ability

Legend Ability is where you can strengthen or alter your Legend’s skills for different play styles.
Abilities can be obtained through the Legend Road, and each Legend can equip up to 2 abilities.
Equip Abilities by pressing the “Ability” button on the left side of the Legend selection screen.
Abilities can be leveled up using Credits, and max out at Level 5.