High Smashers

Ducky and Swan

“Let me know if you need anything!”
A duck who works as a cleaner at Synop City.
However, her true identity is the hero of justice, Swan. She is always kind and gentle towards everyone, and gladly helps out anyone who is in need of help.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill


Sweeps the broom to attack foes, dealing damage. Deals damage when used as Aerial Skill.


Throws the broom to attack foes, dealing damage.


Gathers energy for transformation. Transforms into Swan when used with 3 energies. While in Swan form, rapidly charges at foes from the ground, dealing damage. Charges diagonally towards the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage. Swan has super armor during the transformation, and does not get pushed back with any attacks.

3. Ability

Curtain Call

Performs ranged attacks in 6 directions that deals damage when transformation ends.

Transformation Heal

Restores HP upon transforming.

Heroic Shout

When transforming, allies nearby Swan gain 10% increase in Movement Speed for seconds and all of their attacks deal 10% more damage.

Upright Growth

Increases damage of all attacks and decreases damage from opposing Legend for each Ultimate resource.

It's Not Over Yet

Each successful Ground and Aerial Attacks extend transformation duration by seconds respectively. This cannot be used to extend the transformation duration past its maximum.

4. Legend skin

Guardian of Synop City

A hero of justice who is now closer to becoming a legend. Regardless of how she looks on the outside, her heart always stays the same. Her true purpose in battle is to protect and bring happiness to everyone. Ducks can fly more elegantly than a swan.

Wings of Justice

A hero of justice who has accepted another potential story within her. Growing up without any hardship, this swan girl has always cared for those in need of help. Her kind heart has eventually created a miracle, allowing her to become chosen by a supreme being. Now, she transforms into an angelic swan every night to help the weak.

Wings of Darkness

A hero of darkness who has accepted another potential story within her. Adopted into a family of black swans, this white swan worked very hard to survive amongst her family who plotted against her strange presence. She finally accepted the powers of black magic by becoming the heir to the black swan family. But despite her family’s wishes, she has decided to use her powers to help the weak.

Hero of Laurels

A special outfit made to celebrate [SMASH LEGENDS Open!]. SMASH LEGENDS, a tournament that is the center of Library World’s attention. As the Guardian of Victory, Swan the Hero of Synop City, grants a blessing towards all of the Legends for their victory and glory.

Toy Royal Guard

A special outfit made to celebrate [Happy Merry Winter!].
Various concerts are held in the Library World for this special night. Ducky, who is loved by everyone in the Synop City, is asked to appear in these shows. The Toy Duck, who loves the ballerina, has become a handsome Royal Guard and is fighting against the evil enemies! (※ The contents may vary from the original.)

5. Relationships

“I also understand how it feels to want to get stronger.”
When Peter was sleeping in the park, Ducky befriended him by sharing her lunch with him. Peter had grown close to Ducky enough to assist her in cleaning the park. But it wasn't until he discovered she was Swan in Smash Legends that he became seriously interested in her.
“I’m glad you’re by my side, Alice. We’re friends forever!”
Ducky's first friend in Library World. Ducky has a close relationship with Alice and share many interests with her. She also received a transformation suit from Alice.
“Flare... Stop being so naughty!”
The archnemesis of Swan, the Hero of Justice. No one really understands Flare’s reasoning that arson warms up the world. But since her purpose of “warming up the world” itself is good, Ducky thinks that they could become friends if she stops her from doing these bad deeds.
“Snow, you’re like a prince. Won’t you fight for justice?”
Ducky got to know Snow while stopping Umbra as Swan. However, they both didn’t know each other’s true identity until the start of Smash Legends. She has no intention of teaming up with 7D, but still thinks of Snow as being on the side of Justice.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Ducky became close to Peter while trying to clean out Peter's box castle at the park.
As a kind cleaner who always wears a smile, Ducky is loved by everyone.
But strangely, Ducky always disappears when the hero of justice, Swan, appears.
The Guardian of Synop City, Hero Swan! Her true identity still remains to be a secret.
Ducky's feathers are very soft. It plumps back up in an hour, even after it's been squashed under her hat.
Hero Swan has many arch-rivals, but considers Flare to be the rival of fate.
Ducky and Swan are both always nice to others and tries to help out those in need of help.
Only Alice knew about Ducky's secret identity.
Ducky always tries to help others.
Ducky is a diligent street cleaner of Synop City. But her true identity is a hero of justice who fights villains!
Sadly, Ducky is not a swan, but a duck.