High Smashers



1. Library World, the Home to All Stories

The Library World is the place where all stories begin, and is sustained by hopes and dreams of people who read those stories in the real world. The more a story is loved by the readers, the larger its island grows in the Library World and its characters exert stronger influence.
All stories appear and vanish in the form of story islands, each repeating cycle creating a slightly renewed version of the previous story as time goes by.

2. Synop City, the Center of the Library World

Synop City has been situated at the heart of the Library World ever since the beginning, and no one can determine its exact origin. Some say the City itself is another story island while others claim it to be the axis around which the Library World was formed. There are also those who believe it as an artificial construct built by one of the Sages in a manner similar to how the Sage Council seated atop the pinnacle of the City came to be, but the truth remains undiscovered. In the beginning, Synop City bore a resemblance to a medieval city, but the anomaly that appeared in the Library World brought stagnation and eventually development, leading the City to transform into a sprawling urban area. The City took on a form of a multi-layered metropolis, dividing itself into different sections and going through redevelopment.
Synop City, which is also the venue of SMASH LEGENDS, serves as both the administrative and commercial hub of the Library World and is divided into four levels.
City Summit
An area reserved for the Sage Council and inaccessible to the general public. Most of the decision-making in Synop City is done here.
The Uppercity was initially planned to house the increased number of story characters, but it eventually gave way to capitalism and now only the wealthy among them are settled here. Since then, it grew to become the heart of Synop City where daily activities are taken and corporate offices line its streets.
This is the largest area of Synop City where factories and residences for most of the characters in SMASH LEGENDS are located.
The Undercity is a new area originally planned for waste disposal and other unattractive works done in Synop City. Now these parts are little more than a slum populated by Lowercity outcasts and those who are unable to live among the common populace whether due to their villain roles in their stories or other reasons. It also where Umbra’s main lair is located.

3. Powers in the Library World

There are several notable powers that exist within the Library World.
7D Corporation is a conglomerate co-owned by Seven-dee—a dwarf with seven personalities—and Snow, the co-CEO and a founding member who comes from a royal bloodline. 7D has swallowed up the entire technology industry of the Library World in a relatively short period of time. It currently owns seven subsidiaries. Weapons and products manufactured by 7D sport simple yet elegant design, are reliable and deliver excellent performance. Growing into a huge conglomerate at an exponential rate after rapidly acquiring Neverland and its entire technological base, 7D currently provides the most capital and technology to SMASH LEGENDS.
Key Figures Snow, Octavia, Robin, Goldie, Gumi
A large-scale criminal organization created by the Witch Queen that resorts to blantant use of terrorism, fraud, and intimidation to bring the Library World under its control. It is based somewhere in Synop City, but no one knows its precise location. Despite its strong presence in the Library World and publicly committed atrocities of all sorts, few are willing to stand up to Umbra due to its immense power and fear of retaliation.
Rabbit Company
Rabbit Company is owned by a single person and explores new technologies based on applied magical principles such as dimensional travel and shape transformation. It is famous for developing its portal device, a short-range warp technology. Besides the warp technology, endeavors in other fields including shape transformation are underway, but they have yet to see commercialization. Portal devices made by combining science and magic do not use electricity but magic as their power source, and display geometric beauty such as decorations reminiscent of magic seals.
Key Figures Alice, Loren and Vex
The Sage Council
A gathering of those who qualify as Sages in stories. Sages seek to maintain and restore the Library World back to its normal state by deciding its fate from behind the scenes.
Key Figures Master Cat, Nui, Parfait
A voluntary group working to maintain peace in the Library World, formed by hunters who come and go when their narratives are taking place in many stories. Although they often fail to track down and stop Umbra's activities, they are usually responsible for the arrest of other petty criminals. Without them, the Library World would already have fallen into complete disarray.
Key Figures Marina