High Smashers

Don Quixote

“I will not stop until the world is full of chivalry and justice!”
An armored knight-errant who travels the world to help others, while carrying his trusty steed, Rocinante, on his shoulders.
His intent to carry out his chivalry and justice was good, but because he only cares about his own values, the others do not think very kindly of him.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Shield Bash

Bashes a foe with the shield, dealing damage. Deals damage when used as an Aerial Skill.

Courageous Charge

Raises shield to charge forward and push back foes, dealing damage.
Charges forward after slamming the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

No Retreat

Raises shield to take a defensive stance for 2 seconds. Don Quixote slowly moves forward in this stance
and fires off a shockwave to surroundings to deal damage when attacked by a foe. Immune to stuns while maintaining this stance.

3. Ability

Enhanced Shield

Increases the advancement speed of Skill by 12% and the final attack pushes the opponent back further.

Rosinante's Cheer

Damage from the opponent decreased.

Knight's Courage

Increases the first Ground Attack’s advancement distance by 10%, and Basic Attack damage.

Iron Will of the Knight

Ultimate gauge gained upon receiving damage increased.

None Shall Pass!

Damage received decreased by additional percentage during Ultimate and the shockwave range of Ultimate increased

4. Legend skin

Honorable Knight

An old knight-errant who is now closer to becoming a legend. His epic tales do not fall behind the other legendary knights, and his shield is thicker than anything else to protect the weak. The towering form of this proud knight is truly an inspiration.

Knight of Light

An old knight-errant, who has accepted another potential story within him. Chosen by the legendary unicorn, this knight-errant has become a Holy Knight of Light. Now, the holy knight marches forward on a crusade against evil, while wearing a white armor that resembles the sun.a

Dark Knight

An old dark knight who has accepted another potential story within him. While all of the other knights boasted about their heroism and achievements, this old knight scuttled within the gossips and the rumors. The old man who draws his sword in order to aid helpless victims has earned the title of a Dark Knight.

Snowman Guardian

A special outfit made to celebrate [Happy Merry Winter!]. People, especially the children, are afraid of him because he always seems to be angry. To overcome this sadness, Don Quixote wears this outfit. It may look funny, but he provides a gift of smile to children by dressing up as a lovable snowman.
‘Ha, ha, ha! Yup! I’m a giant snowman today!’

5. Relationships

“Evil witch! Do not dare to cast your spells on me!”
To Don Quixote, the Witch Queen is the root of all evil in Library World. Even in stories of chivalry, witches symbolize evil, and he considers her a real threat. At the same time, he is also excited to be able to fight a truly evil witch.
“Agh! Technology is just another word for evil! It robs knights from their duties!”
Don Quixote hates technology as it resulted in the fall of chivalry. As such, he wants Alice to stop tinkering with science and become a “good girl.”
“Oh! The goose knight! I am glad to fight by your side!”
Don Quixote has heard many rumors about the hero, Swan. Her fighting for justice matches his chivalric standards, and thus he sees her as a friend. But being Don Quixote, he’s mistaken Ducky for a goose. To him, he can’t tell the difference between the two. All he knows is that chivalry is at the heart of the matter.
“Why does your face look so grim?”
There’s something about this young lady that bothers Don Quixote. He's grown accustomed to seeing ladies fight on the battlefield, but Rapunzel appears to be possessed by rage. It irritates him to the point where he nags her about it. He can tell Rapunzel hates it when he nags, but he can’t help himself.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Don Quixote was living a peaceful life as Alonzo, after his story was finished.
Don Quixote always looks angry. But he is not really angry. I am not mad I tell you!
Don Quixote engraved his lady's name on his shield.
Don Quixote always talks with Rosinante, but no one really knows if they actually understand each other.
Some people are scared of Don Quixote, but he also has lots of fans.
Don Quixote calls Swan 'Goose Knight' and considers her as a friend.
Don Quixote only uses his shield to fight, so he can protect young Rosinante.