High Smashers


“I don't like to fight… But I'll do my best for everyone.”
A shaman from the Sage Society who wields the power of the light.
Nui joined SMASH LEGENDS in order to save her brother Ravi, who has joined the evil organization Umbra after becoming drunk with power, while also finding a point of agreement that everyone can agree upon. She is very kind and gentle.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill


Attacks with solar energy to deal damage to opponents. Creates 3 projectiles around Nui when used as Aerial Attack. Each projectile deals damage.

Covered in Light

Creates a pool of light on the ground. The pool fires rays of light against nearby foes. Rays that fall from the air deal damage. The pool lasts for 3 s.

The Sun Shall Rise

Focuses all power to fire 4 rays of light forward. Each ray of light deals damage.

3. Ability

Let the Sun Shine

Decreases Movement Speed of opposing Legends hit with Skill for 2 s.

Blazing Hot

Increases Skill damage.

Spreading Warmth

Increases Movement Speed of you and your allies by 8% for 3 seconds when stepping on the Skill circle.


Decreases every successful Basic Attack Skill cooldown.

Daybreak Energy

Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate and fires 2 additional ray of light forward.

4. Legend skin

Sun Fused

A kind girl who is now even closer to becoming a legend. Those who wishes to protect fate and the synopsis, and those who wishes to change them. In a fight where everyone aims to get what they want, the girl fights back in order to accomplish her goal of stopping the fight itself.

After School Exocist

A kind girl who has accepted another potential story within her. After the sudden disappearance of their mother, the girl moved to the city with her brother to enjoy the city life they have always envied. But her secret identity within the city is... an exorcist who uses the power of the sun to expunge evil spirits that threatens the innocent! Don't tell the other kids!

Tiger Decendant

A special outfit worn for the [Approaching Dawn]. The sibling's mother would often leave at night to sell rice cakes. She used to ring the bells all night long to comfort and soothe those who have already passed away in this outfit. Now, the girl has picked up this outfit that was even worn on the fateful day, longing for the times that have already passed by, while also preparing for a new beginning.

5. Relationships

Her brother she thought she bid an eternal farewell to. It’s nice to see him again, but she suffers because of how much Ravi has changed. She is seeking a way that can rescue Ravi from the power of the dark.
“Do you truly believe that to be the only way?”
An enemy of the Sage Council, and the leader of Umbra, the organization that took in her brother. An enemy whose cause she can understand, but cannot agree with. She wants to convince them to change their methods.
“You would understand me. Wouldn’t you, uncle?”
A member of the Sage Council, but already a paw out the door. He is someone she can be at ease around. She got to know him when he came to the Sage Council’s headquarters. She thought that Master Cat would understand and help her, but she thinks it is a shame that he would rather be an observer despite having power.
“Hello again, Peter.”
The first person her age she has ever seen. She met him when she snuck out to Synop City, and fondly remembers getting to know him quite a bit. Nui seems to remember him more than Peter remembers her. They remain good friends.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Since Nui always lived in the mountains, she always envied the city life filled with many characters.
Nui never had friends her own age, not before she met Peter and Cindy in Synop City.
On a sunny day, you might catch sight of Nui napping under the sunlight at the park.
Nui entered the tournament in association with the 'Sage Council,' but she's not a member of the Council.
Once upon a time, Nui used to follow her good and kind brother Ravi around a lot.
Nui usually stays at the secret hideout of the 'Sage Council'.
Nui doesn't like to fight, so she prefers to finish matches as quickly as possible.