High Smashers

Master Cat

“My sword is still as good as new.”
A feline swordsman with a fearless and a quirky personality.
In the past, he helped turn a poor young man into the lord of an extravagant castle
to repay for a pair of boots that was given to him by the young man, but disappeared shortly after.
He has a lot of secrets that he only keeps to himself.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Feline Arts: Flash

Draws sword to slash at foes in a flash, dealing damage. Obtain 1 stack upon successfully hitting the attack. Deals damage when used as Aerial Skill. Obtain 1 stack upon successfully hitting the attack.

Feline Arts: Air

Knocks up foes in front into the air, dealing damage, then jumps up to follow. Quickly charges toward the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage to all foes in path.

Feline Arts: Butterfly

Quickly slashes foes in front, dealing damage. Requires 3 stacks.

3. Ability


All attacks deal more damage when you are at or above 75% of max HP.

Mind Focus

Damage of all attacks depending on the Ultimate resource stack increased.

Swift Steps

Resource duration required for Ultimate is increased by 3.5 sec and increases Movement Speed when Ultimate is available.

Invincible Spirit

Decreases using the Ultimate decreases incoming damage.

Infinite Blows

Increases Ultimate damage.

4. Legend skin


A feline swordsman who is now closer to becoming a legend. Wandering through countless stories, the swordsman now looks back towards his trail. But he never looks back towards the regrets in the past. Because it is himself in the present that will become a legend.


A feline swordsman who has accepted another potential story within him. One day, he helped out his old pal, White Rabbit, by changing his appearance with magic to help out a little girl. And even in the land of wonders, his skills were unmatched.


A mysterious cat who has accepted another potential story within him. He was once a swordsman who was called by many names while wandering through countless stories. But he has created another name for himself with his mysterious behavior and whereabouts. The swordman, however, was satisfied with his new name that resembles one of his most famous records.


A feline swordsman wearing the Spring Flower event outfit.
Spring is here! And a new appropriate attire is needed to welcome the season of blooming flowers. All of the sponsors have begun to dress their talented Legends as fashion models. Now, the refreshing swordsman steps into the arena with an outfit fitting for a new beginning.

Detective Cat

A special outfit made to remember [Wolves Streets].
The feline swordsman has lived a long life and has experienced countless events. On one occasion, he gained fame by chasing down a notorious wolf as a detective. The wolf disappeared soon after being chased down, as if he was running away from the detective. They're all forgotten memories of the past, but that particular memory remains clear.

5. Relationships

“Finally time to show you my skills!”
Despite his clumsiness with his sword, Master Cat was intrigued by Peter's sincerity in wielding a sword, so he decided to train him. Master Cat thinks Peter is a kind-hearted brat.
“I see. So have you found your path?”
Master Cat had met Alice before using his other name, the Cheshire Cat. He helped the lost Alice because he also knew her friend, White Rabbit the Sage.
“Say hello to your master for me.”
Master Cat never was fond of Snow’s master, 7D. However, he wants to see who will win if Snow and Peter dueled.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The only drawback of Master Cat is the unstoppable habit of being a vagabond.
Master Cat decided to join SMASH LEGENDS after becoming curious about the competition's participants.
Cheshire Cat is one of the many names Master Cat used in the past.
Master Cat once helped a young man become the lord of a castle for giving him a pair of boots.
The Sage Council recognized Master Cat's skills and experience and accepted him as a member.
Master Cat received great help from Ravi and Nui's mother during his wandering years.
Master Cat has done many things and have met many people over the years.