High Smashers


“Time to claim ma bounty.”
A quiet and lonely hunter sheep.
His flock scattered once their shepherd left and the wolves attacked. Rambert was rescued by a passing cowboy of H.U.N.N.T. and lives on as a bounty hunter, knowing that he must survive alone in the Library World.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Cluster Shot

Fires a Cluster Shot forward to deal damages when used as Aerial Skill. Cluster Shot deals more damage at close range and less at long range.


Charges and attacks the opponent with horns to deal damage. Charges down diagonally to deal damage when used as Aerial Skill.

Dead or Alive

Rolls forward quickly and tosses a bomb behind. The bomb deals damage.

3. Ability

Prepared Hunter

Increases Basic Attack and Skill damage when Ultimate is available.

Battering Ram

Increases damage of all attacks for 8 s when hitting an opponent with a Ground Skill.

Thrill of the Hunt

Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate when smashing an opponent.

Unrelenting Attack

Decreases Skill cooldown when hitting an opponent with an Aerial Skill.

Cluster Bombs

4 additional bombs explode after the initial explosion of the Ultimate. Each additional bomb deals damage.

4. Legend skin

Lonely Sheep

A hunter sheep who is now even closer to becoming a legend. After becoming an even more skilled bounty hunter in SMASH LEGENDS, Rambert forgot all about his original goal of a huge reward and became absorbed in the hunt itself. Now, Rambert continues his lonely and endless fight with only his guns, bombs, and horns as his allies.

Sheep of Order

A sheriff of the wilderness who has accepted another potential story within him. Once the flock lost their shepherd, they needed someone to protect and take care of them. Rambert stepped up to the task. He looked after the lost flock, and defended the sheep village from countless threats. Soon, his reputation spread throughout the Library World, and the name of Sheriff Rambert came to strike fear into the hearts of outlaws.

Wealthy Sheep

An outfit made in preparation of [No Payday]. Hook, the notorious pirate of the Library World is planning to rob the Dragon Bank. This sounds like a good opportunity for Rambert to catch his prey. But Hook is a clever target, and you never know when he's going to get away. Disguised as a flashy VIP client of the bank, Rambert decided to wait for his prey to arrive.

5. Relationships

Top of Rambert’s bounty bucket list. Witch Queen may have caused a lot of trouble for Library World, and Rambert has seen a fair share of the destruction caused by Umbra, but it’s nothing personal. Just a target.
“A pirate, eh.”
A pirate whose name has sailed far and wide. Even to the outskirts of Library World. As expected, she has a hefty bounty on her head. He finds it interesting that she’s not just a simple criminal. And her gun piques his interest.
“A child...”
She’s high on the list as she is Umbra’s field captain. A child pyromaniac is not a common sight, but that changes nothing.
Rambert started holding a personal grudge against wolves after the attack on the sheep herd, and being the leader of wolves, Wolfgang is his worst nemesis. But for Wolfgang, who has committed countless evil deeds, it was just another uneventful day. Wolfgang does remember attacking several herds of sheep in past stories.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

One of Rambert's horns was broken when he was fighting against the wolf pack.
Because of his experiences, Rambert learned that he must survive on his own without trusting others.
Some audiences say that Rambert's silent attitude is very cool.
There was a sponsor who offered to fix Rambert's old weapon in SMASH LEGENDS.
Rambert has no intention of throwing away his 'Partner', the weapon he fixed and looked after for a long time.
Once he hunts down Umbra and earns a huge bounty, Rambert has plans to buy a new gun.
Rambert works with H.U.N.N.T., but he's not part of H.U.N.N.T.. Does that sound complicated?