High Smashers


“Never heard of ‘watch out for the big bad wolf?’”
The alpha of Umbra's pack of wolves, the 'Wolves of Full Moon.'
He had once considered retiring from being a villain, but has returned due to many circumstances.
Although he is a loyal and ruthless commander serving under the Witch Queen,
he actually has a hidden goal that is being kept secret from anyone else.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Savage Claws

Attacks an opponent with claws, dealing damage. Charges a short distance, dealing damage when used as Aerial Skill.


Swipes forward horizontally with claws to attack opponents, dealing damage. Swipes vertically instead when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage. Decreases Movement Speed of hit opponents by 35% for a second.

Feeding Time

Chomps down a foe, dealing damage. Restores 25% of max HP upon smashing a foe with Ultimate.

3. Ability

Track Blood

Your Ultimate ability deals more damage to opponents at 50% of their max HP or below.

Appetizing Prey

Your Ultimate ability restores more HP.

No More Hide and Seek

Increases Basic Attack damage for 5 s upon hitting an opponent with your Skill.

Claw Sharpening

Every successful Basic Attack decreases Skill cooldown when Basic Attack successfully hits an opposing Legend.

Beast of Full Moon

Each opponent smashed increases damage for all attacks. This effect lasts until Wolfgang is smashed.

4. Legend skin

Wicked Wolf

The alpha wolf who is now even closer to becoming a legend. He has appeared in many different stories as the big bad wolf. And his stories left behind terror, which eventually became tales of legends. With his return, the Legend of the Full Moon reawakens as well. Listen in to the howling of wolves that echo across the moonlight.

Wolf Mercenaries

A wandering wolf mercenary who has accepted another potential story within him. In the past, he has participated in countless evil deeds as a member of the Wolf Mercenaries. However, after rescuing an injured old lady and her granddaughter, he now fights against his former comrades. But this time, to protect others instead of hurting them.

Wolf of Legends

A special outfit made to remember [Wolves Streets]. Before disappearing into the darkness, the wolf was a legendary being. A subject of fear told throughout countless stories. Today, all of the young wolves who grew up listening to his tales made this outfit in order to honor the return of the legend.

5. Relationships

“Come back when you’re older, kid.”
His wife’s (grandma’s) granddaughter, and his step-granddaughter. She’s cut off both his arms before, and she never listens. This is what started their love-hate relationship. He’s never been much of a caring grandfather and comes off as cold. But, he cares for her deep down. He wants for her to leave the fighting behind, but if she won’t, he will teach her to fight properly.
“Your orders, ma’am?”
The master he swore his loyalty to. Yet, one he will betray and pay back what is owed with interest. Being the professional he is, he gives it his everything to serve her, and his loyalty is genuine. But he knows that a time will come where he will have to stand against her.
“Long time no see, sir”
One he has encountered numerous times while travelling between stories. Wolfgang refers to Master Cat as “sir”, being that Master Cat has more years in him than Wolfgang does. He respects him for being an experienced member of the Sage Council and also a free-spirited individual.
“Hmph. Shall we finally settle things, pirate?”
They remember each other rather well, being that he had saved Hook when she fell to Library World. Wolfgang may not have a firm grasp on the rules of Library World, but he still has a strong impression of the old veteran, Hook. They frequently run into each other, as they’re both a part of evil organizations, but they have yet to fight beyond a stand-still.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Once upon a time, Wolfgang was the Big Bad Wolf in stories.
Wolfgang is the leader of 'Wolves of Full Moon', a gathering of bad wolves.
When Wolfgang stayed underground, he met with Red's grandmother.
Wolfgang always fusses over young Red.
Wolfgang is one of the oldest and the most loyal follower of the Witch Queen.
Wolfgang's glasses are not prescribed.
Wolfgang's glasses are a gift from someone very dear to him.