High Smashers


“(It’s so much fun playing with everyone!)"
A young dragon taken under Umbra’s wings after a secret dealing with the Dragon Bank.
It is still innocent and curious, as it is young, but deep within it lays the potential for it to become a powerful and greedy dragon.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Dragon’s Fury

Charges forward a short distance and deals 600 damage. Tucks into a ball and deals 200 damage when used as Aerial Skill.

Dragon's Majesty

Charges forward a short distance dealing 500 damage. Hold the button input to charge Skill, and if it is charged for 1 s or more, gain super armor and deal 1000 damage while rolling for 2 s. Quickly lands diagonally after tucking into a ball that deals 500 damage when used as Aerial Skill. Jumps back a bit upon successfully hitting the attack.

Dragon's Descent

Designates an area for 2s. Yong Yong jumps high into the air and descends rapidly to the designated area, stomping the ground heavily and causing 800 damage.

3. Ability

Good Dragon!

Decreases damage received by 50% for 3 s when using Ultimate.

I Can Do It Myself

Decreases Skill cooldown by 24% when hitting an opponent with Aerial Skill.


Increases Ultimate’s finisher attack radius by 7%.

Beep Beep

Increases Ground Skill damage by 12%. Increases directional control by 10% while rolling.

One More Time! (Rare Ability)

Decreases Ultimate cooldown by 10% when hitting 2 or more opponents with Ultimate.

4. Legend skin

Mischievous Dragon

Umbra has high hopes for this mischievous dragon. An egg was brought to Umbra in accordance with the secret agreement with the Dragon Bank. Umbra then secretly raised the egg in the hope that it would grow into a powerful and ferocious creature like one of the dragons from the other stories. For the first time, Yong Yong ventures outside, possibly for its own amusement rather than to meet Umbra's expectations.

Prospect of Evil

The dragon of Umbra who is now closer to becoming a legend. Dragons from stories are usually characterized as greedy and covetous for treasure, and that nature has stayed the same even for this young dragon. With a body that makes fights against even the strongest opponents feel like child’s play, the young dragon slowly awakens its power and desire. The dragon now believes that with all of its power, it can own anything and everything it desires.

Dragon Prince

The prince of all dragons who has accepted another potential story. The dragons of Library World had once gathered to establish a bank and live their lives with the treasures they had amassed. As the successor of the Dragon Bank and the prince of all dragons, its had the perfect life. Nonetheless, a dragon's greed knows no bounds, and because this is their true nature, they don't mind.

Dragon Duke

The dragon duke who has accepted another potential story. People rejoiced when the dragon king's baby was born with snow-white scales. Yong Yong, who was raised in an abundant life in its kingdom, is dissatisfied with what it already has and decides to acquire all the world's treasures. It believes that this is the best way to repay its welcoming kingdom.

5. Relationships

“(Owner, let’s play!)”
His owner, and perhaps parent. After waking from his egg after Witch Queen engraved on it, he’s been following her as a loyal pet. However, Witch Queen is much too busy to pay much attention to Yong Yong.
“(I hate Zeppetta!)”
The only Umbran executive whose position is lower than his. Zeppetta works to convince him of helping her when she betrays Witch Queen, but Yong Yong has no plans of doing so. He looks down on Zeppetta and likes to bite and hit her.
“(Play with Ravi?)”
Yong Yong was actually named by Ravi. Perhaps due to memories of the past he spent with Nui, he ended up accidentally spouting it out. Yong Yong likes the violent Ravi, but Ravi calls Yong Yong a lizard and tries to avoid him because he showed an embarrassing side of himself.
“Red! Let’s play!”
Someone of equal or perhaps higher status than him within Umbra. He follows her as if she were an older sister. It could be because they’re on the same level. Likewise, Red adores him, as a pet, and they frequently run around causing mayhem together. This has raised suspicions that Red was behind Yong Yong joining the tournament, but he has denied such allegations.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Everyone in Umbra wants Yong Yong to grow into a powerful and vicious dragon.
Yong Yong's avarice for treasure is, quite literally, instinctive.
Yong Yong has only lived in Umbra's secret base since its birth.
Yong Yong likes Smash Legends because it can see the outside world.
Yong Yong is not a test subject of Umbra. Rather, it can be said that Yong Yong is a promising prospect.
Yong Yong likes Flare because she is friendly, and Red because she is fun to play with. However, it hates Zeppetta.