High Smashers


“I didn't forget! I will never forget!”
An avenger of darkness with magical hairs.
After enduring countless experiments performed by a witch from the evil organization, Umbra, she has finally escaped and has decided to fight for her vengeance and carry out judgment. Even if no one recognizes her efforts.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Blade of Vengeance

Transforms hair into a sword to attack foes in front, dealing damage. Attacks foes on the ground 1 time when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Judgment Smite

Transforms hair into a flail to smite opponents, dealing damage and stunning the hit opponents for a second.

Second Grave

Fires strands of hair in 6 directions. Deals damage when the foe is hit by the hair, and the hit target explodes after 1 s, dealing additional damage.

3. Ability

You Won't Get Away

Increases Ground Skill damage, and the stun duration by 0.5 s.

Endless Revenge

Increases Skill damage. Smashing an opponent with a Skill resets its cooldown.

I'll Bury You

Increases damage of Ultimate.

Fair Compensation

Increases Aerial Skill damage and refunds Skill cooldown on hit.

Cold Feast

Applies the Ultimate Hit Effect to the foes hit by Basic Attack for a second after smashing or ringing out an opponent. This effect explodes faster than the normal Ultimate Ability, has short stun effect.

4. Legend skin

Golden Punisher

An avenger of darkness who is now even closer to becoming a legend. The girl has returned to the light, surrounded by the cheers of others. But deep within her heart, remained a wound of the past. Fueled by the pain that lasted an eternity during all of the experiments, she has gained the power to light her vengeance on fire. And that is why the flames of her vengeance will never be satisfied.

Ashen Agent

A savior of darkness who has accepted another potential story within her. Madam Lettuce was the one who has taken care of her for a very long time. But one day, hoping to abuse her powers, the Witch Queen kidnapped Madam Lettuce away. Now, in order to rescue Madam Lettuce, who was like a mother to her, the girl jumps in to fight against Umbra with her magical hairs.

Silvery Disciple

A combatant of darkness who has accepted another potential story within her. The girl has spent a long time with Madam Lettuce. Which is why when Madam Lettuce decided to join Umbra, the girl naturally follower her into the organization. Now working as an agent of Umbra, the girl rushes through the dark streets of Synop City.

5. Relationships

“My revenge is not over!”
The Witch Queen is one of adversaries on Rapunzel’s list. The Witch Queen had ruined her happy ending, and now Rapunzel wants revenge. She will not stop until the Witch Queen has paid her price for Madam Lettuce’s tragic incident, as well as for her own suffering.
“Just because you helped me, doesn’t mean that I trust you!”
Snow helped Rapunzel escape Umbra. Although Rapunzel considered joining him to take down Umbra, she ultimately did not because she felt betrayed by who Snow truly was and what his intentions were. In a way, Snow is the reason why Rapunzel has trust issues.
“Can you even hear yourself? That’s nonsense!”
Rapunzel sees Cindy as a child who believes the Witch Queen is a good person. Rapunzel is enraged because she knows what the true Witch Queen is like. She also feels sorry for Cindy, knowing that she is being tricked in the same way that Lettuce tricked her. Think’s she is a nice person, but cannot come to like her.
“Could you please can it, old man!”
An annoying old fart who can’t seem to keep his lectures to himself. Revenge this, chivalry that, women these, his annoying lectures go on and on. He’s not exactly a friend, and she finds it annoying that he’s always trying to be so chummy. But she herself can’t admit that they have a love-hate relationship going on that she’s rather fond of.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The yearning for revenge is the only thing that drives Rapunzel.
Rapunzel doesn't like Cindy because she thinks the Witch Queen is a good person.
Rapunzel prefers to be alone. She is used to it.
Rapunzel feels uncomfortable around Don Quixote because he always nags at her.
Rapunzel is chasing the trails of the Witch Queen and Umbra in the shadows.
Rapunzel's foster mom, Madam Lettuce is a member of the 'Dark Moon Witches'.
Rapunzel's powers are the result of the experiments done by Madam Lettuce.