High Smashers


“Creating the perfect life is almost near... ke he he!”
Victor the scientist, who used to be obsessed with discovery and knowledge, has now discovered the secret of life’s birth. Obsessed with the madness of creating the perfect life, he begins to meddle with inhumane procedures.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Shock Therapy

Electrocutes the target in front and deals a total of 300 damage. When used as Aerial Attack, does short bursts of electricity and deals 300 damage to hit targets.

Frankontainer Transmission

Throws Frankontainer at the target, dealing 200 damage. When used as Aerial Skill, he swiftly moves forward and tosses Frankontainer behind him, dealing 200 damage. When Frankontainer comes into contact with a surface, it transforms into Frankontainer Transmission. By hitting it with Basic Attacks, Ultimate, or even another Frankontainer explosion, Frankontainer Transmission will explode, dealing 800 damage. When a Frankontainer is thrown onto an already installed Frankontainer Transmission, it will bounce forward or to the nearest opponent.

Electric Pulse

Gathers his strength and fires high-voltage electricity in front, dealing 800 damage.

3. Ability

Electric Charge

Decreases Skill cooldown by 0.2 s every time an enemy is hit with Basic Attack.

Lightning Speed

Increases Movement Speed by 8%.

By Flow Chart

Increases all damage by 26% for 2s when an enemy is hit with Skill’s Frankontainer.


Adds 1 Skill stack(s), and increases damage of Frankontainer by 18%.

Limit Breaker

When Frankontainer Transmission explodes, increases all damage by 28% and Movement Speed by 12% for 5 s for Victor and team members within the explosion range.

4. Legend skin

Mad Scientist

A mad scientist who is no closer to becoming a legend. After discovering the secret to creating the perfect life, Victor joins forces with a certain country's army to test the limits of his creation. No one knows what his next goal will be now that he has achieved a result sufficient enough to mass produce into an army.

The Pale Heir

A noble family heir who has accepted another potential story within him. Victor's mind is solely focused on creating the perfect life, despite the fact that he must fulfill his family's duties and become a lord. Nonetheless, he should pay attention to what the farmers are saying, or soon the kindling flame of rebellion will consume him.

Mysterious Heir

A noble family heir who has accepted another potential story within him. Though Victor appears to be focused on his responsibilities as the heir to the family's lands, his mind is elsewhere. The servants gossip about his frequent disappearances into a hidden room…

5. Relationships

“She’s on to me... Better be careful.”
Someone who is suspicious about Victor. Octavia, who was investigating the city's underbelly after learning that illegal procedures were being carried out there, saw Victor's smile and refused to believe that such a young man could be the head of a horrible illegal operating ring. Nevertheless, Victor thinks he should be more cautious in the future.
“A fascinating specimen... But maybe a bit too much.”
A Legend with an extremely muscular body. Kaiser noticed Victor's frail figure while walking down the street and suggested exercise, but was turned down right away.
“What a splendid body... I wonder if I can have it?”
A being with the ideal vessel for creating the perfect life form. After coincidently catching a glimpse of Molly in the city's underbelly, Victor devises a plan to obtain her body. Meanwhile, Molly's animal instincts warn her of a pair of glaring eyes that seem to follow her whenever she goes to the underpart of the city.
“He kind of looks like Professor Krempe... Disgusting.”
A Legend who reminds Victor of his most hated university professor. Don Quixote is perplexed as to why this young man frowns every time they meet. "Is he jealous of my fabulous physique?" he asks his trusty steed Rocinante, but never received a response.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The fragile Victor's only friend as a child was books.
Victor is overwhelmed by sadness, despair, and fear after experiencing death for the first time as a result of his mother's death.
While looking for books on the causes of death and the origins of life, Victor becomes obsessed with natural philosophy.
Victor is completely unaware of his attractiveness.
Victor's first attempt at creating life was far too hideous to be human.
Victor despises all forms of human interaction, even eye contact.
Victor believes only in science, knowledge, and his clever brain.