High Smashers


“Knock, knock! It’s me, Red!”
A mischievous girl who carries large magic scissors.
She purposefully wears a bright red hat in order to show off her ability to hide between spaces.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Make a Bouquet

Quickly slashes foes with both weapons, dealing damage. Slashes the sword downward when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Wolf Slash

Charges forward, attacking all foes in path, dealing damage.

Time for Hide and Seek

Turns invisible to foes by going into stealth. First attack from stealth deals additional damage.

3. Ability

Dense Fog

Increases duration of stealth during Ultimate.

Dancing Blades

Increases damage of all attacks for 12 s after smashing an opponent.

Invisible Shadow

Increases Movement Speed in stealth during Ultimate.

Find Weak Spot

Increase Movement Speed while in stealth when your Ultimate ability is active.

Strike in the Veil

Increases additional damage of attacks from stealth during Ultimate.

4. Legend Skin

Red Nightmare

An elusive rascal who is now closer to becoming a legend. She is a nightmare that exists everywhere, at any time. Now in full control of her ability to cut through space, she only leaves behind a red streak to the residents who admire her.

Wolf Cub

An elusive rascal who has accepted another potential story within her. In order to avoid the big bad wolf, this rascal put on the outfit sewn by her grandmother to infiltrate the pack of wolves. Because the hunter is never afraid of its prey.

Tiny Hunter

An elusive hunter who has accepted another potential story within her. The legend of the White Wolf was passed down within the Hunter’s Village. And in order to hunt down this White Wolf that is known to be wiser and stronger than anyone else, this tiny little hunter dressed up with clothes made by her grandmother with dreams of one day making a new outfit out of White Wolf leather.

Mischievous Bumble Bee

An elusive rascal wearing the Spring Flower event outfit. Spring is here! And a new appropriate attire is needed to welcome the season of blooming flowers. All of the sponsors have begun to dress their talented Legends as fashion models. Now, the rascal steps into the arena with an outfit fitting for a new beginning.

5. Relationships

“You’re so fun to pull pranks on!”
Red once pretended to be a fan of Peter and played a prank on him. Since then, she's continued playing pranks on him.Her reasoning is that she can get a better reaction out of Peter than Wolfgang, Hook, or Snow. She wants to be friends with Peter, but doesn’t like to admit it.
“Stop bothering the Witch Queen!”
Snow is out to stop the Witch Queen. So it’s natural for Red to hate him. She daydreams of taking down Snow herself, and being rewarded as the new sibling to Witch Queen.
“Those Glass Slippers... Are they from the Witch Queen?”
Despite the fact that they both received a magical item from the Witch Queen, Red is envious that Cindy receives the same amount of attention as her despite not being a member of Umbra.
“Stop acting so cocky, you old hag!”
Red despises Hook because she turned down the Witch Queen's offer to join Umbra and is now on a mission to put an end to Umbra's activities. Hook treats Red like a child, which adds fuel to fire.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Red hides better than anyone, but wants to stand out more than anyone.
Red always makes fun of Peter, who always makes it worthwhile to pull a prank.
Red always sticks to red hats because she likes the attention.
Red always sticks to red hats because she likes the attention.
Red uses magic scissors to hide in the gaps of space.
Red is jealous of Cindy's Glass Slippers.
Red admires Witch Queen, and wants just to be like her.