High Smashers


“Look! This body beats any piece of clothing!”
A naked giant with a steel body.
He owns 'Kaiser GYM' in Synop City, which is named after himself. And as an advocate of muscles, he eagerly spreads the value of exercise and muscles to everyone.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Warming Up

Attacks foes with trained fist, dealing damage. Deals damage when used as Aerial Skill.

Punching Machine

Quickly charges forward to attack with his fist, dealing damage. Slams the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage, and knocks up foes into the air.

Heavenly Body

Maximizes the strength of the muscles. Every Basic and Skill attacks cause additional hits and grants super armor during attacks. Each additional hit deal damage. Lasts for a second.

3. Ability

Healthy Body

Increases max HP.

Strong Heart

Decreases Gauge charge required for Ultimate and knock out and freeze durations.

Heavy Blow

Pushes opposing Legend back further with Ground Skill.

Tenacious Spirit

Increases Movement Speed and decreases damage received from opposing Legend for 10 s after receiving 10 hits.

Loud Roar

Increases Movement Speed While using ultimate, and decreases incoming damage and hit received cooldown by 1 sec.

4. Legend skin

Phantom Suit

A giant half-naked man who has accepted another potential story within him. The tailor did not lie after all. He was just ahead of the time. The invisible outfit that was crafted from the latest technology and material protects and bestows incredible strength to the wearer.

Enhanced Body

A giant man with an enhanced body who has accepted another potential story within him. At the King’s order to create the most powerful armor in the world, the scientists brought back a strange looking outfit that reveals most of the body. Satisfied by the suit that make his body stronger than steel, the King has hardened his powerful body even further.

Summer Rescuer

A special outfit made to celebrate [Summer Getaway!]. Summer has arrived in SMASH LEGENDS. Leaving behind their hectic daily lives, even the Legends are enjoying summer in their own unique ways. Kaiser has also briefly closed down Kaiser GYM and is enjoying summer as the Summer Rescuer Life Guard.

5. Relationships

“Hahaha! Wanna get strong like me, kiddo?”
Kaiser met Peter on the street and trained him. Seeing Peter carry a sword bigger than him, Kaiser suggested to Peter that he train with him. However, Peter ran away after one session, but Kaiser is always willing to take him back in.
“Strong body, strong mind! Good to see you’re still training!”
Ducky once came into Kaiser’s gym to get stronger. After one lesson, she never came back. Nonetheless, Kaiser appreciates the fact that Ducky came to the gym on her own accord. He later learned through Smash Legends that Ducky was actually Swan, and thinks that the transformation is a form of training for her.
“Nice quads, little girl! Oh, thanks for the protein shakes. ”
The girl that delivers Kaiser his protein shakes or health food every day. Kaiser believes her most endearing features are her lower body muscles, which she has honed through constant running. Don't take it the wrong way, he's talking about bodybuilding.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

'There's no more better clothes than a beautiful body!' - Kaiser
Kaiser is the owner and also a personal trainer of Kaiser GYM.
It's hard to believe, but Kaiser was very weak when he was young. Almost to the point that he nearly died.
Kaiser is trying to spread the beauty of muscles.
Ducky was tired of the excessive training and did not visit Kaiser GYM again after the first trial.
Kaiser participated in the SMASH LEGENDS to promote the importance of exercising and health.
Cindy delivers healthy diet to Kaiser every day.