High Smashers


“Heh heh, were you bewitched by a fox or something?”
Gumi, a former leader of a small criminal gang, was imprisoned after becoming involved in an incident with Peter and his friends. However, after striking a deal with 7D, she is granted parole on the condition that she participate in SMASH LEGENDS. Gumi fights for her freedom and vengeance with her newly discovered abilities.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill


Fires ghost lights, dealing 200 damage. Hit opponents are inflicted with 1 stack. You can leave a total of 4 stacks.


Launches a gust of wind, dealing 500 damage. Hit opponents are inflicted with 1 stack.

Dance of Fox

Does a fan dance while rushing towards the opponent, dealing 200 damage. Deals 400 additional damage per stack on the opponent. If there are 4 stacks, Ultimate cooldown is reset.

3. Ability

High Spirits

Decreases Skill cooldown by 0.13 s every time an enemy is hit with Basic Attack.

Nocturnal Hunt

Increases Movement Speed by 30% for 1 s when Ultimate is available.

Essence Steal

Revives with 34% Ultimate Gauge. Once revived, increases Movement Speed by 15% for 3 s.

Ace in the Hole

Increases Skill damage by 30%. However, Skill does not stack any more.

Butterfly Effect

Hitting an opponent with at least 1 stack resets Ultimate cooldown. Additionally, heals 140 HP per stack. Ultimate Gauge is doubled.

4. Legend skin

The Boss of Monsters

The great nine-tailed spirit who is now closer to becoming a legend. Gumi, now a powerful great spirit, finally broke free from 7D’s shackles and collar. Gumi, as the leader of countless lesser spirits, is no longer afraid of anyone. The feared great spirit is finally free.

Afterwork Magical Girl?

A magical nine-tailed girl who has accepted another potential story within her? Gumi is just another average office worker. But on her way home, a fox appeared in front of her that completely changed her life. Using the power of kumiho that flows within her blood, Gumi is now a magical girl. Although she’s a little stressed out about becoming one, she has accepted it as her calling.

Fallen Magical Girl?

An evil nine-tailed girl who has accepted another potential story within her? Gumi, a once-ordinary office worker, has transformed into a magical girl, but the kumiho’s power passed down through her family was too powerful. Drunk on power, Gumi has fallen and transformed into a dark magical girl. She now roams the streets at night, spreading evil in order to resurrect the legendary kumiho. At least now, she doesn’t mind her drooping clothes anymore. Kudos to her!

5. Relationships

“You little tyke, I will show no mercy!”
Despicable Brat No. 1. Gumi despises him more and more with each passing day. She hates him foiling her scheme, taunting her, breaking her spell, defeating her, catching her, and even participating in SMASH LEGENDS. Despite the fact that she is to blame for the majority of it, she is unconcerned and vows vengeance on him. Peter, on the other hand, likes Gumi.
“Teacher and pupil, I dislike both.”
Despicable Brat No. 2. Gumi despises the fact that Snow is from a wealthy family and is also 7D(the person)'s apprentice. Nonetheless, her hatred for him is less intense than Peter's. She enjoys teasing Snow with her "femme fatale," but since he dismisses it, Gumi is the one who gets outraged.
“Oh, you are working for the villains now!”
Despicable Brat No. 3. The least hated out of the three. Gumi flaunts her wealth in front of Cindy for her own amusement. However, Cindy thinks of Gumi as an older sister and enjoys her company. Although her sisters are the kindest people she knows, and Gumi seems to be the complete opposite, Gumi somehow still reminds her of her sisters.
“Insolent child.”
Yet another child Gumi hates. Red also dislikes the fact that Gumi treats her as one. Red knows instinctively that Gumi’s treatment of her as a child is different from the other Legends.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Gumi’s collar was made by 7D. It’s a safety measure to keep her in check.
Disappointed with Snow, 7D recruited Gumi to personally get involved in the tournament.
After being arrested, Gumi was imprisoned on a story island used as a penitentiary.
After losing to Peter, Gumi has adopted a new fighting style. Now she’s looking for payback.
Gumi never forgets anyone who wronged to her. Especially Peter.
Although Gumi was set free by 7D, she does not trust 7D. She’s just cooperating for now.
A long time ago, Gumi tried to settle down in Synop City. Until she got kicked out for being a kumiho.