High Smashers

Jack O’

“A scammer?! Please, let's just say that I'm a good mediator.”
An extraordinary con artist with a mechanical body.
He came into Library World without a body, but he used his wit to get a mechanical body from Alice and has tweaked the body a bit. Jack O' introduces himself as a respectable businessman, but now he wants to win SMASH LEGENDS and go back to having a biological body again.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Gentle Gesture

Stabs and swings the pole, dealing damage. Swings the pole when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Polite Refusal

Quickly charges forward to stab opponents and deal damage. Charges straight in the air and deals damage to opponents when used as Aerial Skill.


Fires a sharp spinning blade. The blade deals damage to the opponent. The blade will return to Jack O''s location when the spinning is complete. If Jack O' catches the blade again, the cooldown of the Ultimate is recovered by 86%.

3. Ability


Increases damage of all attacks for 6 s when Ultimate is available.

Dare to Capture Me?

After using Ultimate, for seconds Movement Speed increases.

Fraudulent Specifications

Begins the match with percentage of Ultimate gauge charged. This does not activate upon revival. The spinning blade of the Ultimate becomes 20% bigger in radius.

Approved Fuel Efficiency

Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate.

The Highlight

Adds 1 extra count for the Skill, enabling consecutive use of the skill. The Ultimate damage increases.

4. Legend skin

Lantern Trickster

A lantern-headed trickster who is now even closer to becoming a legend. He almost feels sorry for Alice, but this mechanical body is really useful. Every time he toys with someone's mind, Jack O' feels life more vividly than ever. However, he still dreams for the day he will get his original body back.

Lantern Best Employee

A lantern-headed Best Employee who has accepted another potential story within him. He is the number 1 contributor to the Rabbit Company's accomplishments, and is Alice's most trusted colleague. He is always feeling gratitude toward Alice for building him a body when he didn't have one. But he often gets scolded by Alice because he uses any means either fair or foul, if he deems it is necessary for the Rabbit Company.

Lantern Magician

A special outfit made to celebrate [Welcome to the Lantern Show]. The lantern-headed magician captures people's heart with his elaborate speech. No illusion is truly false, and lies can become reality! Now, welcome to the amazing Jack O's Lantern Show tonight! We will dazzle you with dreamy illusions and tricks!

5. Relationships

“What’s wrong with you?! It’s not like I lied to you! Well, except for when I did.”
A benefactor of his that has given him his body and weapons. He’s thankful to Alice, and also understands that she’s mad because he deceived her. But he doesn’t think much of either. After all, he conned her fair and square. What’s she going to do about it?
“Did you not receive a little something from Alice yourself?”
A hero that’s out to arrest him for being a con man. He thinks that she’s after him not because of his less than ideal deeds, but because of her closeness to Alice. He can’t understand why Ducky’s angry towards him when she also received her transformation device from Alice.
“If you con men are running around in packs, how do you con people?”
A villain that has tried to recruit him. He doesn’t care too much whether Witch Queen is a villain or not. In fact, he’s thankful that she has made Library World such a fun place. But he turned her down as he’s not a fan of listening to orders. He now thinks of scamming her instead.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

People say that Jack O' runs multiple businesses. But no one has ever visited them.
Jack O' has lots of victims, but he has managed to avoid meeting all of them so far.
Jack O' regrets not asking Alice to add a digestive function so that he can eat food.
The body and staff of Jack O' has many hidden functions that Alice implemented.
Jack O' believes that fraud is the ultimate mind game that contains both cheating and convincing others.
Well, Jack O' is REALLY grateful to Alice. It's true!
Jack O' always tries to show the appearance of a gentleman. That's more trustworthy isn't it?