High Smashers


“It’s not stealing, I’m just borrowing it for those in need.”
Ali, the thief of thieves, appears to have settled in One Thousand and One Houses, leading a peaceful life and assisting those in need. When the stars begin to shine in the night sky, he transforms into a righteous thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. However, Ali recognizes that this is insufficient to change the world. So he is getting ready for the biggest heist of his life at SMASH LEGENDS.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Charismatic Blade Dance

Performs a blade dance with his dual daggers, dealing a total of 750 damage. Ali swings them mid-air when used as Aerial Skill, dealing 350 damage.


Throws his dagger, Sesame, and deals 200 damage to the opponent. Ali can use Open to teleport to wherever Sesame’s location is. Teleporting deals 500 damage to nearby opponents.

Open! Sesame!

Copies and throws his dagger, Open. Deals 100 damage per dagger. The dagger then travels back to Ali, dealing 300 damage per dagger to opponents in its way.

3. Ability

Clean Finisher

Increases next Skill damage by 34% for 5sec after using Ultimate.

Thrill Seeker

Increases Movement Speed by 5% and Basic Attack damage by 36% when Skill is not ready.

Sleight of Hand

Decreases required Ultimate gauge by 20%. Throws 4 additional daggers when smashing an opposing Legend with Ultimate. Each additional dagger deals 100 damage.

Nowhere and Everywhere

Enter stealth when using Ultimate. In stealth, Movement Speed increases by 28%.


Decreases opponent’s Movement Speed by 40% for 2sec and increases all of your attack damage by 18% for 5sec after successfully hitting an opposing Legend with a Skill.

4. Legend skin

Elusive Shadow

A good-hearted thief who is no closer to becoming a legend. When the name Ali is mentioned, the corrupted rich tremble and the underprivileged children cheer. Many bounty hunters have attempted to apprehend this cunning legend, but no one has ever been successful. For he is like sand that slips between your fingers.

Survivor “A”

A veteran undercover agent who has accepted another potential story within him. Once upon a time, there was a secret organization called A.L.I. Although disbanded now, this organization was said to be able to succeed in any mission. After being framed with false accusations and chased, it has now become a legendary tale of what it once was. However, the sole survivor of this organization, “A”, still roams the shadows, hoping to clear his name and avenge his lost colleagues.

Agent “A”

A veteran undercover agent who has accepted another potential story within him. This secret organization, A.L.I., is rumored to be able to complete any mission no matter how impossible it seems. Among their many talents, Agent “A” is known to be the best. Even now, he is hard at work on his mission impossible!

5. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Marzana taught Ali how to defend himself with a sword.
Ali runs a volunteer center at One Thousand and One Houses during the day and becomes a heroic thief at night.
Marzana worries about Ali putting himself in danger, but also wishes him to do what he loves.
Ali's magic daggers, “Open” and “Sesame”, were among the treasures found in the cave.
Ali has always kept his folk hero activities a secret. But those who know already know.
Ali practices tricks such as juggling. He enjoys the thrill that comes with them.
Former or current, Robin and Ali, as righteous thieves, refuse to acknowledge one another.