High Smashers


“A new prey?”
Molly, who had been living alone in the jungle, was able to come to Library World through the help of Witch Queen. Using her wilderness experiences and sharp senses, she took on covert operations for Umbra and became a huntress who instills fear in the hearts of those she encounters.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill


Attacks foes with her gauntlets, dealing 800 damage. Pushes foes to the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing 350 damage.


Rushes forward and throws an uppercut, dealing 700 total damage. Attacks while soaring when used as Aerial Skill, dealing 600 damage.

Don’t Even Think About it!

Molly will raise her gauntlets for 0.33 s, entering a defensive stance. When successfully defending, ignores damage from opponent’s attack and shoots off a shockwave that deals 600 damage.

3. Ability

Patience of a Hunter

Lengthens Ultimate’s guard timing by 0.1 s, but also increases gauge charge required for Ultimate by 22%.

Ready to Hunt

Increases Basic Attack and Skill damage by 17% when Ultimate is available.

Wild Intuition

Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate by 12%.

Fleet Footed

When HP goes down by 10%, increases Ultimate damage by 6%. This effect stacks up to 54%.

Beast Instinct

Adds 1 extra stack for Skill, enabling consecutive use. Decreases Skill cooldown by 11%.

4. Legend skin

Urban Predator

The monkey streamer who is always bringing up hot topics. Because Library World is brimming with amazing things, it's possible that Wukong's presence didn't leave a lasting impression on anyone's mind. Thus, Wukong comes up with a brilliant plan to reclaim his fame and rescue Tang Sanzang from the Witch Queen to force him to remove the Golden Fillet. He decides to demonstrate and document his dominance at SMASH LEGENDS.

Indomitable Fighter

An Indomitable Fighter from another potential story. Molly has risen to the top of the martial arts world after defeating numerous formidable opponents during her as a fighter. Many companies and organizations have offered to sponsor her, but she has declined all of them. Even today, she trains on her own.

Master of All

A martial artist teacher of all who seeks strength from another potential story. Molly, who has attained the pinnacle of martial arts, now believes her mission is to help those who are weaker ascend. She has accepted many students, hoping that one day, someone who will outperform her will appear. However, Molly notices that her goal is becoming increasingly distant as she gains new realizations and grows stronger with each lesson she teaches her students.

5. Relationships

“A new job, ma’am”
Witch Queen is someone that’s given her a powerful weapon, and has taken care of her when she came to Library World. However, the more missions she carries out for Witch Queen, the more questions pile up inside of her.
“Fighting’s not the important bit. Winning is.”
An annoying guy that wants to constantly fight her. If not for the Witch Queen, she would have gladly shown him his place. She recognized that Ravi was strong when she first met him, but she wouldn’t dare tell him what she honestly thinks of him.
“Reminds me of the jungle.”
A wolf in Umbra who is the nicest to her, second only to Witch Queen, if not more. she tries to push him away saying that there is no such thing as free good will in this world.
“Don’t get in my way when hunting, kiddo.”
It’s amusing how red with jealousy Red gets when Molly goes out on special missions. Red seems to be trying to pick a fight with her whenever she talks to her, but given that Red is still a child, and knowing that Red is afraid of her deep down, she doesn’t feel the need to deal with her seriously.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Molly’s best friend in the jungle was a small frog.
Molly’s necklace is made of the teeth of “Shere Khan”, a Bengal tiger.
Rapunzel was the first person Molly met in Library World.
Molly’s existence is highly classified within Umbra.
Molly has never once complained about food after coming to Library World.
Molly has never once lost a stare down. The secret is in her powerful gaze and strong fists.
When no one is looking, Molly sometimes feeds Yong Yong some snacks.