High Smashers


“Now, now, get in line if you're injured! I'll take care of everyone!”
A kind Sea Witch, and a member of the Sage Council.
Although she played the role of a villain in her stories, she is actually a kind witch who is very sympathetic and sweet. Even now, she is working with 7D to stop the evil Umbra. Based off of all of the healing researches she has carried out, Octavia is able to heal any wounds in a blink of an eye.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Bubble Canon

Swings the staff twice to attack the opponents in front, then steps back while firing 2 water bombs to deal damage. Increases Movement Speed for 1.5 s when the water bombs successfully hits opposing Legends. Swings the staff down to deal damage when used as Aerial Skill. Increases Movement Speed for 1.5 s when the staff hits.

Wave Crescendo

Slam the staff into the ground to summon waves. The summoned waves grow bigger over time, and disappears after dealing damage. The water will quickly protect Octavia and explode to deal damage when used as Aerial Skill.

Healing Aria

Throws a massive bubble. The bubble explodes upon hitting the ground to heal allies and deal damage to opposing Legends. It also creates a healing area at the hit location, which lasts for and heals allies in the area for a total of HP.

3. Ability

Reinforced Beaker

Increases Basic Attack damage.


Increases base Movement Speed by 6%, and decreases Skill cooldown seconds for every successful Basic Attack against an opponent.


Adds the ability to heal HP for allies upon using Aerial Skills.


Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate.

Ocean’s Blessing

A water droplet explodes when using Ultimate, leaving behind a healing circle. The circle lasts for 3.8 s and heals 340 HP per second.

4. Legend skin

Savior of Ocean

A kind Sea Witch who is now even closer to becoming a legend. Ones who become the fool of fate, and the ones who try to change fate. The Witch volunteered to help them all by using her long-studied healing skills. Now, she is searching for a way to heal the wounds within people’s heart as well.

Dive of Ocean

A Sea Witch who has accepted another potential story within her. Her voice echoes throughout the seas and even reaches the lands. The story of how the Mermaid Princess managed to reach a happy ending through her love song, after being taught by the Sea Witch, is already considered to be legendary. Even today, she heals the wounded heart of others with her songs.

Master of Voice

A Sea Witch who has accepted another potential story within her. The Sea Witch had achieved her dream by acquiring the voice of the Mermaid Princess; The dream of becoming more famous and praised upon. Although the tragedy of the Mermaid Princess was exposed, it was part of a fair deal. The Witch now charms others by enchanting her voice with magic, dreaming of the day to rule all of the seas.

Queen of the Ocean

A special outfit made to celebrate [Oceanic Aria]. The Oceanic Aria is an opera that was personally composed by Octavia. It starts off with her playing the role of a Queen of the Ocean who rules over the waters where Hook, an invited audience and a part-time actor, was first discovered in. – Stop whining and focus on the rehearsal! Oh, shipwrecked one!

5. Relationships

“Snow! Were you up all night again? I keep telling you! You need to eat and sleep well!”
The CEO of the company and her counselling patient. In his story, and even in Library World, he is destined to fight his sister. On top of that, his hands are tied with running the company. She’s very sympathetic to the burden he has to carry, and tries her best to lessen that.
“Oh my! You’re such a sweetie Nui! Want some candy?”
A girl who shares similar goals as her, as part of the Sage Council. She wants to help her find the one solution that everyone will be able to agree upon. She’s also interested in the power of the sun that may contribute to her medical research.
“This thesis has been very interesting as well! You’re such a smart girl Alice!”
As fellow famous scientists, they operate on the same fequency. If Alice is a prodigy, Octavia is more of a dedicated veteran. They share research material and cooperate on their work.
“Just because you’ve taken on the role of a villain, doesn’t mean you have to be one.”
A villain that has tried to recruit her. After exchanging words, they’ve come to a mutual understanding of wanting to change fate. But she works to stop the Witch Queen, as she feels that her methods are wrong.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Octavia loves to sing. Huh? You already knew?
Octavia is considered as the head of the doves within the 'Sage Council'.
Octavia counsels for Snow because she is worried about his physical and mental health from his overworking schedule.
Octavia always nags at Robin when she meets him, so Robin tries to avoid Octavia.
Octavia saved Hook in the past as well. Are they friends?
Octavia and 7D, Snow's Master, are long-time rivals. Even though they are working together now.
Octavia once joined the 'Dark Moon Witches' by accepting the invitation from the Witch Queen.
Octavia holds operas where she plays the main lead, at her own expense.