High Smashers


“Today’s video will get a million views!”
Wukong rejoiced when Umbra kidnapped Tang Sanzang, but the Golden Fillet wrapped around his head by Sanzang's spell remained. Wukong has set out to accomplish good deeds and rescue Tang Sanzang by joining the SMASH LEGENDS, believing that proving he was good even without Sanzang around would remove the headband.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Master of the Staff

Does 3 quick jabs with his staff, then leaps forward to slam it down, dealing 600 damage. When used as Aerial Skill, thrusts staff in all directions and deals 350 damage.


Sweeps up opponent, dealing 650 damage. Charges forward while spinning the staff, dealing 600 damage when used as Aerial Skill.


Wukong extends his staff to attack. If the attack hits, Wukong will ride his staff into the attack. Deals 800 total damage.

3. Ability

Dope Clip

Increases damage of all attacks by 12% when Ultimate is available.

For That Seamless Audio

Increases Movement Speed by 12% when not receiving damage for 3 s.

Streamer Mission

Increases Ultimate damage by 12% when hitting an opponent with Skill. This effect stacks up to 40%.

A Miraculous Comeback

Increases damage by 18% when HP is below 30%, and restores 8% of HP when smashing an opponent. When Wukong smashes an opponent while Ability effect is active, the effect lasts until Wukong is smashed.

Behold! The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal!

Increases damage of all attacks by 20% for 40 s when game starts. Smashing an opponent while effect is active will refresh the duration.

4. Legend skin

Celebrity Monkey

The monkey streamer who is always bringing up hot topics. Because Library World is brimming with amazing things, it's possible that Wukong's presence didn't leave a lasting impression on anyone's mind. Thus, Wukong comes up with a brilliant plan to reclaim his fame and rescue Tang Sanzang from the Witch Queen to force him to remove the Golden Fillet. He decides to demonstrate and document his dominance at SMASH LEGENDS.

A True Superstar

Library World’s superstar who has accepted another potential story. Wukong had previously only sang and danced for himself. But one day, a chance encounter on the streets completely transformed him. People were ecstatic, as if he had performed a good deed. Wukong now spends his time as Library World's superstar spreading joy and fun. That, too, must be a good deed in and of itself.

A Haughty Superstar

Library World’s superstar who has accepted another potential story. Everyone at Library World knows the name Wukong. He is a celebrity super star, so well-known that he has no comparison. As the king of music, Wukong looks down upon everyone who worships him with a cold haughty glance. An idol's job is to be worshipped, not one to be graceful.

Monkey Mask

[Ready for the Beat!!] A special outfit for concerts. Wukong, the party monster, enjoys singing, dancing, and having a good time. Tang Sanzang, on the other hand, regards Wukong's actions as mere debauchery and has never understood him. Wukong wants to have fun in Library World, but he knows he'll be in big trouble if Sanzang finds out. So was born the mysterious mask that is the life of Synop City's party! Let the rhythm and beat carry you to the stage!

5. Relationships

“Let’s end this quickly and fight one-on-one later!”
An opponent he also fought when Witch Queen attacked. He’s annoyed that Ravi is from an eastern story he hasn’t heard of. And also jealous of how he lives so freely. He’s a sort of nemesis.
“I’ll show you what being famous is really like!”
He doesn’t like how a small duck is more famous than him. And he’s jealous of all the respect she gets for all the good deeds she’s done, despite not wanting any himself.
“Hahaha! Nice! Let’s have some fun!”
He likes how fun and free-spirited she is. He also likes how some respect her while others fear her. They seem to get along pretty along.
“Now quit pestering me!”
Someone he hasn’t heard of, just like Ravi. He doesn’t like how he’s famous in Xanadu despite that. Kurenai has happily approached him after seeing him do good deeds, so it resulted in terrible first impressions. Kurenai wants to be friends despite not being a human, but Wukong isn’t too big a fan of Kurenai.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Wukong is unable to perform his proud array of tricks after coming to Library World.
Wukong feels his Golden Fillet tighten whenever he sees someone in a difficult situation.
Wukong mistakes the tightening of his Golden Fillet for his newfound consciousness and empathy.
Wukong wishes to reclaim his fame and glory, even in Library World.
Synop City likes Wukong. Everyone thinks he is a good monkey.
Everyone thinks Wukong does good deeds because he is kind. Even when Wukong denies it.
Wukong admires Synop City's technological and cultural advancements.