High Smashers


“I-I’m scared of fighting too... But... If I can Take him down before I get scared...!”
The cowardly youngest little builder piggy.
Brick is terrified of the Big Bad Wolf because all of his brothers were taken away by him. And to overcome his fear, he built a very sturdy house to protect himself. But after seeing that the Big Bad Wolfgang had returned, Brick decided to guarantee his safety by taking down Wolfgang himself, rather than continuing to tremble in fear.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill


Swings the shovel forward twice to deal damage. Slams the shovel down towards the ground to deal damage when used as an Aerial Skill.


Creates a wall by slamming the shovel down onto the ground. The summoned wall advances forward for a short distance and stops in place, dealing damage. Foes damaged by the wall are marked for a second. Marked foes are stunned if they are damaged by the wall again.

Work Complete!

Summons a giant house in front of Brick, dealing damage to the foes before vanishing.

3. Ability

Rage of a Coward

Increases Basic Attack damage.

I need to do something!

Decreases Skill Cooldown every time you receive damage.

Pain Endurance

Increase max HP, and decrease the duration of stun or freeze by 20%.

I won't take it no more!

Increases Ultimate damage.

Safe Brick House

Brick receives less damage when near a wall created by his Skill.

4. Legend skin

Seasoned Builder Piggy

The youngest builder piggy who is now even closer to becoming a legend. It’s frightening to fight. But Brick has a set goal he must accomplish; to defeat the Big Bad Wolf and rescue his brothers, and live happily ever after in a safe house. Which is why Brick has picked up his shovel. To build a happy future for himself, and to prove that he is capable of doing so.

Wandering Piggy

The wandering youngest piggy who has accepted another potential story within him. If he settles down and build a house like his brothers, the bad wolves may come for him. So Brick decided to consider the world as his house. As Brick lights up a fire at today's campsite and gazes up at the stars, he looks forward to the new world that awaits him tomorrow.

Loner Piggy

A special outfit made to celebrate [Home Alone Pig]. Brick always hide alone in his house to play with his dolls around this time of the year. But now that Brick stepped out of his house to participate in SMASH LEGENDS, sponsors of the tournament have ordered this specially tailored pajama for Brick that can be worn anywhere comfortably to help him adjust to the new stage quickly.

5. Relationships

“You big bad wolf! Give me back my brothers!”
The source of his fear, and his nemesis. He is afraid of Wolfgang, as he attacked his brothers, and Wolfgang is also after him. However, he seeks to defeat him as his defeat will absolve Brick of his fears. Wolfgang didn’t quite remember who Brick was at first. But even after recognizing him, he doesn’t care much for him.
“Oh its’s you, S, Snow. You want to f, fight me?”
Someone he trusts and can see as an older brother. He’s thankful for all the help Snow gives him. Snow also assists him in running Brick Construction. But he is afraid as he will have to fight after joining Smash Legends. Snow also did not expect Brick to join the fight, so he is rather surprised.
“A, Alice... can I also have some of those mines? I want to install some around my house.”
Someone he trusts and can see as an older sister. She made for him his shovel and toolbox, and thanks to the skills Alice taught him, Brick can now build much more things than just a brick house. He respects Alice as an inventor, and is very interested in her mines, as they seem quite adept at protecting houses.
“T, thank you for protecting my house, Mr. Robin.”
A scary man he is thankful to. He patrols Brick’s house from time to time under Snow’s orders. Robin himself thinks its extra work on his plate having to patrol and deal with Brick’s whining. But he still enjoys it a bit as he can have fun during these “business trips” and can be of help to Brick who is afraid of wolves.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Brick is not only the Library World’s best builder, but is also the CEO of the largest construction company.
Brick once offered to build Peter’s home, but they couldn’t agree on the design.
Brick’s shovel is an amazing tool made through collaboration of Rabbit Company and 7D with their latest technologies.
Rabbit Company and 7D have given the shovel a long name, but Brick simply calls it ‘the shovel’.
Maybe it’s because of his timid personality, but sometimes Brick tends to be extreme.
On the request from Snow, Robin often patrols Brick’s home from time to time.
The Story Islands where the SMASH LEGENDS is held was made into an arena by Brick.