High Smashers


“Keeheehee! Witness the power of the ingenious Zeppetta! The ruler of Library World!”
Umbra’s (self-proclaimed) gray eminence who augmented her own body with machines.
She dreams of taking over Umbra and the Library World with her puppet army under her command, but her results usually leave much excuses to be said. However, with a will to go on, she bides her time for her next opportunity.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Universal Gadget Arm

Uses a hammer and drill to deal damage. When used as Aerial Skill, slashes 3 times in quick succession with a carving knife to deal damage. When used right after the Ultimate ability, swings a giant hammer to deal damage.

Eliminate Failures

Punches an enemy upwards with a power fist. When used as Aerial Skill, punches downward to ground an enemy and knock them away to deal damage. When used right after the Ultimate ability, charges up a powerful strike to deal damage.

Maximum Output!

Activates boosters to charge quickly. After charging, Basic Attack and Skill are empowered, changing into different forms for a brief period.

3. Ability

I Knew This Would Happen

Increases damage of all attacks by 16% when HP is at 70% or below.

All According to My Calculations!

Restores HP by 28% when smashing an opponent for 2 s after using Ultimate.

All Preparations Are Set!

Increases Movement Speed by 8% when Ultimate is available.

I’ll Disassemble You!

Increases Basic Attack damage by 52% for 3 s after hitting an opponent with a Ground Skill.

Frontal Breakthrough

Increases damage of all attacks by 28% for 3 s upon being hit while using Ultimate.

4. Legend skin

Ambitious Inventor

Umbra’s inventor who has achieved near legendary status. Some fear her inventions, while others praise them. But she cares not a bit for what others think of her. For when her robot army takes over the Library World, her will shall become the world’s itself.

Friendly Grandma Next Door

A friendly old lady from next door who has accepted another potential story within her. Her warm smiles and the hand-made toys she distributes have made her lawn a favorite hangout for the neighborhood kids. But after retirement, this charade will be nothing more than a cover for her! If something disturbed her peace, she might revert to her old self, who had created cutting-edge weapons for an evil organization.

Mecha Zeppetta

A custom suit specially made for [Steel Giant Zeppetta! Move out!]. Zeppetta’s dreams of a giant robot may not have been achieved due to a lack of time and money, but her dream to build a combat robot lived on. Its size may be on the more realistic side instead of the behemoth she dreamed of, but Mecha Zeppetta is implemented with all the necessary combat features! Zeppetta wanted to include a feature where it would take the Witch Queen’s nagging in her stead, but she said that may have been a bit far-fetched.

5. Relationships

“M, Ms. Witch Queen! Please, just spare me some more time and money...”
Someone she’s planning to betraying in order to take over Umbra. Zepetta still bides her time, looking for an opportunity. But she grovels when she’s in front of Witch Queen because she’s afraid of her. Some backtalk is all she resorts to.
“This is your punishment for not recognizing the great Zeppetta’s grandeur!”
7D’s boss who ruined her plans. A part of the reason why she’s in Umbra is because she wants to fling some mud towards Snow. All Snow remembers is something along the lines of “yeah, that happened”.
“Hmph, what’s healing good for?! Machines only need repairs!”
The biggest reason why Zepetta was kicked out of 7D. They were coworkers once, but their ways of thinking differed too much. She holds a one-sided grudge against Octavia and wants to pay her back dearly.
“This kid... won’t tell the Witch Queen, would she?”
A kid that likes to bare her fangs at her, just like the Witch Queen. Zepetta hates how she reminds her of the rebellious Pinnochio. They’re always fighting over something. But Red, under Witch Queen’s orders, and Zeppetta, for reasons that the time isn’t right, are currently at a standstill.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Zeppetta is secretly building a legion of androids. Well, that's her plan anyway.
Zeppetta has ambitions to one day defeat the Witch Queen and rule Umbra.
The androids of Hook's Freebooters are the first generation of Zeppetta’s androids.
With enough time and budget, Zeppetta believes that she can take over Library World.
Red hates Zeppetta for not hiding her ambition, but the Witch Queen does not care.
The hidden functions of Zeppetta's body are unknown to anyone but Zeppetta.
Zeppetta holds a grudge against Snow and Octavia for kicking her out from 7D.