High Smashers


“I am the only one who can stop Umbra.”
Parfait, the Snow Queen who has been living in Eternal Winter, has lost the children she was caring for in her story due to Witch Queen's conspiracy. Enduring the pain of her body melting, she continues her arduous journey at Library World to stop Witch Queen's evil plans.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill


Deals 1050 damage by swinging the Ice Scythe in front.

Ice Spike

Strikes the ground with her Ice Scythe and pulls up an ice pillar that deals 800 damage. Opponents hit by the pillar will freeze. When used as an Aerial Skill, she spins by swinging her scythe, dealing 600 damage.


Stacks 1 Cold to her Ice Scythe. The condensed Cold allows her to quickly swing her Ice Scythe, dealing 1250 damage.

3. Ability


Deals addition 60% damage to frozen opponents.

Arctic Snap

Each successful attack on an opponent slows the Legend’s Movement Speed by 4%. The effect lasts for 5 secs and decreases Movement Speed up to 12%.

Calm Before the Storm

Once Ultimate is charged, gains 8 secs Movement Speed for 16%.

Absolute Zero

Increases Ultimate damage by 20%.

Return of the Queen

When HP goes below 20%, Parfait becomes ice for 2secs, ignoring all attacks from her opponents and recovering 18% HP. Resets upon revival.

4. Legend skin

Absolute Cold

The Winter Queen who is now closer to becoming a legend. Her appearance has not changed, but she has regained the composure she possessed when she lived in the eternal winter. Wherever Parfait goes, everyone and everything stops and pays her tribute.

Noble Ice

The ice girl who has accepted another potential story within her. The girl was born with magical abilities. She saw herself as unique, and everyone else as insignificant. Parfait encounters magical girls who mistake her for a villain after becoming someone that many students only fantasized about. She does, however, offer to volunteer as the villain if they want her to...!

Lonely Ice

The ice girl who has accepted another potential story within her. The girl was born with magical abilities. Parfait lived as a normal student while taking care of a cute cat named Kai. She didn't make any friends because she didn't want her powers to hurt anyone else. However, she is caught by magical girls using her powers to save Kai, and her cold and frozen world begins to change...!

5. Smashtoon&Novel


6. TMI

Parfait is the owner of "Snow Queen", the biggest ice cream franchise in Library World.
Parfait is currently searching for Kai and Gerda, who used to live on her story island with her.
Parfait is a Sage Council member, but she has never been particularly active or received assistance from them.
Parfait's scepter, "SCOOP", has the ability to store Cold.
The weather at Library World can melt Parfait, but that is not enough to stop her.
Parfait often sleeps between the ice cream tubs in the freezer.
Unlike her appearance, Parfait has been around for eons. However, most of that time was spent alone.