High Smashers


“Let’s give it our all today!”
A cheerful delivery girl wearing a pair of shoes called 'Glass Slippers.
She is trying her best to return to her sweet stepmother and nice stepsisters in her original story, with the magical shoes that was gifted to her by a kind witch.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Triple Kick

Kicks forward, dealing damage. Spins 360 degrees when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage against foes in all directions.

Knee Kick

Takes a moment to prepare before charging forward. Foes hit by the charge are dealt damage and are knocked up into the air. Kicks diagonally towards the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage. Cooldown resets if the Skill hits.


Jumps up into the air and strikes the ground, dealing damage to foes in an area.

3. Ability

Never Gets Tired!

Increases max HP.

Deep Strike

Each opponent hit by your Ultimate ability's finisher attack restores your max HP.


Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate.

Firm Commitment

Movement Speed increased by 5% and Basic Attack damage when your Skill is not ready.


The radius of Ultimate ability's finisher attack is increased.

4. Legend skin

Fantastic Dancer

A bright young fighter who is now closer to becoming a legend, with her 'Glass Slippers.' She is now able to wield the powers of her magic shoes freely, and fights as if she's dancing. Her elegant dancing charms everyone to believe that they're at all ball instead of an arena.


A princess wearing the 'Glass Slippers,' who has accepted another potential story within her. After realizing that she is a descendant of a royal bloodline, she heads over to the ball while wearing her late-mother's dress and slippers in order to drive away the false king and reclaim what is rightfully hers.

Passionate Tournament

A girl wearing the 'Glass Slippers,' who has accepted another potential story within her. This noble girl who prefers sparring over tea parties, and fighting over dancing, chose to wear an active dress and shoes that were made by her step mother. At the castle tournament to decide the greatest fighter of the nation, this young girl attempts to reach the top with her passionate dance moves.

Toy Delivery Girl

A special outfit made to celebrate [Happy Merry Winter!].\nOne special winter night near the end of the year. Runner Rabbit Delivery Company is preparing an event to celebrate that special night. They are going to deliver toys to children who have been nice throughout the year. Cindy is working hard to bring happiness to children. Of course, being a good child, she put aside a toy for herself.

5. Relationships

“Hey Peter! Wanna go for a run?”
Cindy’s first friend in Library World. They used to hang out a lot, but they fell out of touch when Peter went to train with Master Cat. Cindy finally got to meet Peter again once the Smash Legends started.
“Alice! That cake you gave me last time was sooo good!”
Became friends by doing a lot of deliveries. Cindy marvels at Alice's inventions, while Alice waits for an opportunity to research Cindy's Glass Slippers. For that, Alice takes extra care of Cindy.
“Good morning, Ducky! Have a great day!”
Ducky being a cleaner and Cindy being a delivery girl, they have crossed paths more than once. Also, since they were both friends with Alice, they kind of friends. When the three of them are together, they get along pretty well.
“I didn’t do anything! Why do you hate me so much?”
A girl that seems to pick fights with Cindy. Cindy know this is because of her Glass Slippers and who gave them to her, but Red's hostility perplexes Cindy because she refuses to let her explain.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Cindy misses her stepmother and her sisters who cared for her.
Cindy stepped on the Prince Charming's head with her Glass Slippers because he kept latching onto her.
Cindy is famous for being the fastest delivery girl in the Library World.
A nice witch gave Cindy her 'Glass Slippers' as a gift. Who could she be?
Cindy is collecting gifts as she eagerly waits for the day to reunite with her step-mother and sisters.
Cindy became popular amongst the people of Synop City while making her deliveries.
Cindy can't pass an opportunity to help others in need. That's how she became friends with Peter.