High Smashers


“Whew, I can leave now, right?”
An elite agent that manages the security of 7D.
He is working hard to take care of his 'Merry Men' who has followed him from the tales, but ended up becoming a typical office worker who always works overtime and can't wait to get off work. However, his archery skills are still sharp as ever.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill


Shoots an arrow, dealing damage.
Deals  damage when used as Aerial Skill.

Robin Arrow

Rapidly shoots 3 arrows in a row, dealing  damage.
Hold the button to charge the skill, and if the skill is charged for 0.5 s or more, shoots 6 arrows that will pierce through the enemies and deal damage. Quickly jumps back a bit and shoots 3 arrows, dealing damage when used as Aerial Skill.

You're Last

Jumps back quickly and shoots an arrow forward, dealing damage to the hit foe.

3. Ability

More Work

Obtaining an item increases Movement Speed and damage of all attacks.

Swift Reporting

Ground Skill pierces targets. Increases Skill damage.

Adequate Measures

Decreases Movement Speed of opposing Legends hit by Ultimate for 3 s.

Target Chaser

Increases Movement Speed for 5 sec after using Ultimate.

Imminent Deadline

Increases Each successful attack increases damage for all attacks. This can be stacked up to 25/30/35/40/45%. Each stack lasts for 6 sec and duration restarts with every successful attack.

4. Legend skin

Night Sentinel

A tired guard who is now even closer to becoming a legend. Library World was not a fitting place for a righteous outlaw. The evil hid away into the darkness, and law and order still stood tall. However, there are still people that suffer from villains. Now, this outlaw seeks out the villains who are hiding in the dark as a guard instead.

White Phantom

A returning outlaw who has accepted another potential story within him. A shadow runs across the roofs in the darkness. And then the sudden spotlight! Robin, the White Phantom is here! Even in a world with law and order, the corrupt still thrives in riches. But, fear not! Phantom Robin is here to fly down from the roof with their treasures! He is on his way to help the poor, and the innocent!

Man of Dreams

A special outfit made to celebrate [An Overtime Night's Dream]. The richest person selected by Library World TIME! The man who has actually achieved the Synop City Dream! An absolute Legend who even uses the CEO of 7D, Snow, as his personal assistant! I am proud to present the Man of Dreams, Robin! This incredible dream continued until the alarm went off.

5. Relationships

“Yeah, yeah. You got it boss.”
His company’s, 7D, CEO and his boss. Snow pays him, but the fact that he hands him way too much work, and is a rich child, doesn’t sit completely right with him. He can’t afford to be fired, so does whatever Snow tells him to. Snow is well aware of this attitude, but he think’s it’s quite interesting.
“I get where you’re coming from, but can’t you take it a bit easy sometimes? Please?”
The leader of Umbra, 7D’s biggest nemesis. She has her place in 7D, so he is aware of her relationship with Snow. Being a good outlaw himself, he understands that she has complaints against the world. However, she makes his job harder than it has to be, and he’s stuck at work unable to return home (to his story), so he wishes for her to give up sooner rather than later.
“Miss, I need to clock off you know?”
The boss of a competitor that Snow is trying to recruit. Snow visits quite often, and he follows around as his bodyguard. If Snow can’t make the visit, he will go in his stead. But she always turns the offer down, which makes things harder for him. The struggling Robin thinks of this as more of a resume padding, so he wants for her to just accept the offer and leave things at that.
“Kids like you should go home and play house, you know?”
Umbra’s field agent. She sneaks around causing trouble. And it falls on Robin to stop her from doing that. But he ends up biting dust more often than not. He holds a bit of a grudge for making his job harder than it needs to be, but he also feels bad that a child like her has to set out to the battlefield.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The merry outlaw Robin is popular amongst the children of Library World.
But sadly, Robin does not like children.
Robin's fellow outlaws, the 'Merry Men,' used to live their own lives.
Robin's hobby is gardening flowerpots, he never forgets to water them.
Robin no longer knows if he is gulping down energy drinks for their taste, or as fuel.
Robin often forgets his own address from working too many hours.
Robin feels grateful that Snow covered for him and offered him a job, but loathes him at the same time.