High Smashers

Witch Queen

“I am the queen of all witches. The Witch Queen.”
The ruler of Umbra, who hides in the shadows.
She is the source of problem who clogs up the circulation of stories by creating confusion and havoc in the Library World. She has the ambition of getting all the stories for herself.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Magical Beam

Attacks foes with a magical beam, dealing damage. Fires 3 magical beams when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Evil Spirit in the Mirror

Fires a giant magical orb. The orb slowly chases and explodes when it hits an foe, or after a certain period. When it explodes, it deals to all foes within the explosion area and decreases Movement Speed of all foes hit by 50%. Disabling effect lasts for a second.

Green Curse

Attacks foes in front with a strong curse, dealing damage and polymorphs the foe into a frog. Polymorph lasts for a second.

3. Ability

Light as a Feather

Increases Basic Attack damage and Jump by 22%.

Constraints Unchained

Decreases Jump for opponents hit with Skill.

Wicked Curse

Deals additional damage to opponents polymorphed by your Ultimate ability.

Recharging Magic

Every successful Basic Attack decreases Skill cooldown by for a seconds when Ground or Aerial Attacks successfully hits an opposing Legend.

Mirror Mirror

Deals 150 damage to nearby opposing Legends when HP is 40% or lower and polymorphs them for 2 sec. The polymorph effect is canceled when attacked. This effect only activates once every seconds. The cooldown resets upon revival.

4. Legend skin

Crown of Evil

The ruler of Umbra who is now closer to becoming a legend. Everyone fears to even speak her name. Wearing the crown she had always dreamed of, she now rules over everyone. And her influence is not limited to a small kingdom, but across the vast world of all stories.

Visitor from Dark

The ruler of Umbra who has accepted another potential story within her. In a plagued world, a doctor visits an isolated residence. Inside, she finds the Prince in hiding and asks if anyone in there was infected. She then handed over a cure to the Prince, which in truth, is a new strain of plague she created.

Platinum Healer

The tragic queen who has accepted another potential story within her. Taking up the throne for herself, the queen has decided to repent for her sins of removing her own brother by becoming the greatest ruler for her kingdom. However, while helping out the plagued people of her kingdom in disguise, she has discovered that it was actually her brother who began to spread the plague in vengeance.


A special outfit made to celebrate [Summer Getaway!]. Summer has arrived in SMASH LEGENDS. Leaving behind their hectic daily lives, even the Legends are enjoying summer in their own unique ways. Even the Umbra’s Leader, the Evil Witch Queen, is secretly enjoying the summer in a bright and lively outfit.

Star of Party

A special outfit made to celebrate [1/2 Year Tea Party]. A party is being held, commemorating the start of SMASH LEGENDS. Looking forward to greater success and future achievements, the Witch Queen welcomes the attendees, while also preparing for her second act.

5. Relationships

“I’m going to win this one, little brother.”
The little brother who stole her right to the throne. Everything she had accomplished had been taken from her because she "wasn't the Protagonist." She is now enraged at Snow for interfering with her plan in Library World. But Snow is still family, leading her to have this love-hate relationship with him.
“Here, a gift for you. These Glass Slippers will open new doors for you.”
Cindy was given her Glass Slippers by the Witch Queen, who kept an eye on her. Cindy believes the Witch Queen is a nice person because she has only seen the Witch Queen's good side. Everyone knows the Witch Queen is using Cindy for her own good, but no one can find out why she is so nice to her.
“Oh, my little Red. I see so much potential in you.”
The Witch Queen is the person who turned Red into the dark side. Red admires the Witch Queen as a role model, and the Witch Queen treats her like a sister. That is, however, only true when they are alone. She shows no signs of favoritism during work hours at Umbra.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The Witch Queen is actually the older sister of Snow.
The Witch Queen once gave Cindy a gift. What could it be?
Shush! No one dares to speak the name of the Witch Queen in Synop City.
Witch Queen's real name is Glacia.
Witch Queen's ambition is to take control over all of the stories.
Witch Queen was apparently behind the disturbance caused in the Library World. Could it be true?
Witch Queen's magic mirror possesses many hidden powers.
Witch Queen is the leader of all witches and wolves.
There are sometimes rumors of seeing someone resembling Witch Queen around Synop City.
There are countless villains from stories who have pledged loyalty to Witch Queen.