High Smashers


“Allllright! Your friendly Ninja Kurenai is here!”
A red oni who is fond of humans.
Thanks to his blue oni friend, Kurenai has been living among humans and became a ninja who protects people in Synop City that plummeted into chaos after the ‘anomaly’ in the Library World. He still gets misunderstood a lot, but his liking for people remains true.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Art of Ao

Quickly strikes an opponent for damage. When used as Aerial Skill, deals damage.

Art of Wind

Kurenai uses his blade to charge upward as he launches an opponent into the air. Afterward, Kurenai crashes down with his blade, dealing damage in total. When used as Aerial Skill, Kurenai performs a downward strike followed by an upward attack that launches an opponent for damage in total.

Art of Blossom

Throws shurikens and deals damage.

3. Ability

Ninjutsu: Wind

Skill cooldown is decreased.

Ninjutsu: Forest

Increases damage of all attacks when HP is at 50% or below.

Ninjutsu: Fire

Resets Ultimate cooldown and increases Movement Speed for 3 sec when smashing an opponent.

Ninjutsu: Mountain

The Ultimate’s shuriken count is increased and the last shuriken’s damage is increased.

Ninjutsu: Kurenai

Consecutively smashing 2 opponents awakens Kurenai and increases the follow-up speed for some of his attacks, decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate and increases Movement Speed. This awakening effect lasts until the end of the match.

4. Legend skin

Watchful Oni

The oni ninja who took yet another step closer to becoming a legend. He decided to embrace the power of the oni he has been holding back from using. After all, you don't need to be a human to protect one. Playing a significant part by adapting ninja skills to his missions' needs, Kurenai keeps peace in Synop City as his vigilante group's new MVP.

Cheerleader Oni

The oni cheerleader who accepted another possible course of his story. Always enthusiastic and full of energy, he is now a popular kid in school! As a cheerleader who represents his school, Kurenai is looked up to by others and enjoys his friendship with everyone as a member of the popular clique. Just don't mention his red skin—or he'll get angry!

Xanadu Man

A suit prepared exclusively for [Go, Xanadu Man!]. Synop City is composed of numerous parts where each features unique characteristics. In hopes of receiving more visitors, Xanadu has elected ‘Xanadu Man’ as its local hero! And the honor of the title goes to the pride of Xanadu, Kurenai! Come visit Xanadu where your friendly neightborhood Xanadu Man keeps the town safe!

5. Relationships

“Hey, leave the towns people alone!”
A member of Umbra that frequently appears in the “Xanadu” region. Kurenai runs into him often after stopping his assault on Xanadu’s Sage (identify unknown to Kurenai). Kurenai is wary of Ravi but Ravi can’t understand Kurenai not making use of his oni powers.
“Oh wow, we’ll be working together this time! I’ll be in your care!”
Runs into her a lot while doing vigilante work. He also met her when she was working as a cleaner, and liked her for being so nice to him. He has fond memories of meeting her in her Swan form while out doing vigilante work.
“Do you want to join the vigilante corps? They might look at you differently!”
Kurenai has run into Rapunzel a couples while chasing Umbra. He fought against Rapunzel several times, thinking that she was a villain, but now he understands her better. However, the fact stands that Kurenai, the sociable guy, and Rapunzel, the girl who stays away from people, don’t get along that well.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Kurenai had a blue oni friend named Aoi.
Aoi is part of the Sage Council. But she is presently nowhere to be seen.
Kurenai’s blade is a gift from Aoi. It is named ‘Ao’.
Kurenai is popular among children, but the grown-ups fear him because he is an oni.
Ask Kurenai for an autograph and a picture. He will be very happy.
Kurenai admires and wants to become like Swan who is loved by everyone in Synop City.
‘Doesn’t it make us friends as long as we have a history of conversation?' - Kurenai