High Smashers

Loren and Vex

“C’mon Vex! The show’s about to start!”
Loren, a ballerina doll who lived inside a cabinet cut off from the outside world, is given a fresh start in life after meeting the one-legged toy soldier, Vex. Now, Loren and her lover Vex plan to live a new life in Library World.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Tour Jeté

Deals 650 damage with her strong legs. When used as Aerial Attack, she slams down on the ground to deal 250 damage, then used the recoil to go back up in the air for another strike.

Split Jump

Jumps briefly into the air, splitting her legs and striking down to deal 650 damage. When used as Aerial Skill, she does a quick spin that deals 450 damage.

Pas De Deux

Summons her lover, Vex. Vex fires his gun and deals 500 damage. Receives 60% less damage when Vex is within a certain range of Loren. If Loren summons Vex to another location, the former Vex will explode, dealing 1,000 damage before disappearing. If Loren is smashed, Vex will also disappear.

3. Ability

Solo Stage

Required Ultimate gauge increases by 50%, but all of Loren’s attacks also increase by 40%.

Air Waltz

Aerial Attack damage increases by 22% for every successful Aerial Attack on the opponent. Lasts for 2 sec, and successful attacks will reset the duration.

Step Up

Decreases Skill cooldown by 0.4 sec every time an enemy is hit with Basic Attack.


Begins the match with 34% of Ultimate gauge charged. This does not activate upon revival. Vex now appears with an explosion that deals 600 damage and reduces Movement Speed by 20% for 2 sec.

One Body and Spirit

Smashing an opposing Legend grants 40% Ultimate cooldown gauge. Loren also recovers 11% HP.

4. Legend skin

Duo of Hope

A ballerina doll and toy soldier who are now closer to becoming a legend. Due to their performance at SMASH LEGENDS, Loren and Vex have become the biggest superstars in Library World. Loren's dance performances are always packed with people, and their words and actions have sparked a new trend as well. The couple that once found Library World to be a magical place have now become the ones making new and exciting changes.

Noble Lovers

A noble family's doll and toy, who have accepted another potential story within them. Toy Kingdom is home to a plethora of toys. Here, there lives a ballerina lady named Loren, who loves to dance, and Young Master Vex, who acts as her bodyguard. The two have been together for a long time and have since evolved their relationship into that of lovers, with everyone's blessing.

Royal Partners

The queen doll and her guardian toy soldier, who have accepted another potential story within them. Toy Kingdom is home to a plethora of toys. Queen Loren and her guard, Vex, also live here. One day, Loren reached out her hand, intrigued and attracted to Vex who had always silently protected her, and invited him to accompany her to the ball.

5. Smashtoon&Novel


6. TMI

Loren's heart is imbedded with brass from Vex's body.
Only Loren can hear Vex's voice.
Jack O' has once proposed an exclusive contract to Loren with a 9:1 cut. Thankfully, Robin stepped in and stopped her from signing.
Loren's legs exemplify Rabbit Company's cutting-edge materials and technology.
Vex will jump into a pit of fire for Loren. He actually did, though.
Loren thinks of SMASH LEGENDS as a new stage for her to perform on.
Loren and Vex consider Robin to be the ideal salaryman.