High Smashers


“Finally, it's time to let loose!”
An eccentric young man who loves the pure aspect of fighting and does not show interest in anything else.
His sister and him became the Sun and the Moon, and went missing after inheriting the power of the Moon. But when the news of SMASH LEGENDS began spreading, he made a sudden comeback.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Dark Hand Calls

Uses the dark power to attack foes, dealing damage. Pushes foes to the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Abyss Overflow

Summons a tiger paw, dealing damage, and pulls the foe. Knocks up the foe when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Grim Dawn

Unleashes the sealed dark power to attack all nearby foes, dealing total of damage.

3. Ability

Instant Awakening

Increases Basic Attack damage for 3 s upon hitting an opponent with your Skill.

Light and Darkness

Increases damage of all attacks but you receive 6% more damage from opponents when HP is at 50% or higher. When HP is below 50%, you receive less damage from opponents but also decreases damage of all attacks by 6%.

Dark Flame Energy

Increases Movement Speed awhen Ultimate is available.

Complete Combustion

Increase damage of Ultimate increased. Using your Ultimate ability to smash an opponent restores your max HP.


Decreases Skill cooldown and increases Ground Skill range.

4. Legend skin

Moon Goblin

A young brawler who is now closer to becoming a legend. Now able to fully control the powers of the Moon, this brawler wields tremendous power. Dancing under the faint blue moonlight, anyone who witnesses his act calls him the Goblin.

Lunar White Tiger

A young white tiger who has accepted another potential story within him. Born as one of the most spiritual beings amongst the tigers, he was not fit to become the Guardian Spirit of the mountain due to his aggressive and wandering tendencies. He was eventually kicked out of the mountain by his mother for his lack of training, but he actually prefers the freedom he has finally obtained.

Hell Dokkaebi

A special outfit made to celebrate [Spooky Fearsome Night].
He heard of the Dokkaebis in his childhood bedtime stories. Now the young man is wearing the attire of the Dokkaebi. The person who gave this outfit must have wanted others to be afraid of him. But the Dokkaebi laughs under the moonlight, he seems to rather like this outfit.

5. Relationships

“I’ll follow you for now, Witch Queen.”
The Witch Queen had put a stop to Ravi's uncontrollable dark power and was the first to defeat him when he thought he was unbeatable. They have a mutual relationship, but ever since he learned to control his powers, he has been looking for an opportunity to fight her again. But, for the time being, Ravi is collaborating with the Witch Queen.
“You selfish Sages! Your time is up!”
A member of the Sage Council that keeps order in Library World. Ravi’s mother used to be a member as well, but Ravi sees the Council as the enemy because it is part of the Library World system.
“Who knew this day would come? Ready to have some fun, Nui?”
Ravi's younger sister, whom he had assumed he would never see again. Consumed by darkness, Ravi has no intentions of going back. If Nui stands in his way, she is nothing but an enemy to him. But blood is thicker than water. For some reason, he can’t used his full power when going against his little sister.
“Show me what you got, kid! You’re no match for me!”
Umbra’s little brat. Ravi sees Red as just a kid and likes to make fun of her. He finds Red's ambition to become a big bad villain intriguing and teases her about it.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The only thing that Ravi is interested in is the fight itself.
Ravi feels unpleasant every time he sees Cindy. Why is that?
Sadly, Ravi experienced countless parting with his sister.
The hero of justice, Swan! But for Ravi, she's just a nuisance that disturbs him.
According to Nui, Ravi did not always like to fight.
Ravi hid in the darkness for a long time, but came out into the light as SMASH LEGENDS started.
Ravi's gauntlet was a gift from the Witch Queen, to help him control the powers of darkness.