High Smashers


“The power of the oni... Do you sense it?”
The oni Sage who lives by her faith.\nShe has been living her life conforming to her role. However, after realizing that rules can be broken, Aoi breaks free from her shackles as a Sage and works with Umbra to achieve what she believes is right: a world in which people can freely do whatever they want.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Collapsed Forest

Swings her Kanabo upwards at the opponent before striking down, dealing a total of 700 damage. When used as Aerial Attack, swings downward, dealing 300 damage. Aoi can also hit the Earth Sunder-created rocks, which deal 700 damage each.

Shattering Earth

Stomps the ground with force, creating a shockwave that deals 200 damage. When used as Aerial Skill, she quickly drops down and crushes the ground, dealing 200 damage. Opponents hit by the shockwave have their Movement and Jumping abilities decreased by 50% for 1.5sec. The boulder creates rocks that can be hit with Collapsed Forest.

Trembling Mountain

Aoi jumps then strikes the ground with great force, dealing 1000 damage. A wide range shockwave occurs if Ultimate hits an opponent, dealing 500 damage.

3. Ability

Like a Rock

Increases max HP by 12%.

Sage Always Prepared

Increases Basic Attack damage by 30% when Skill is not ready.

Power Overflowing

Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate by 16%.

As a Rushing Tide

Decreases Skill cooldown by 0.6sec.

Fear Me All

Increases Ultimate damage by 16%. Increases damage received for opponents hit with Ultimate by 16% for 8sec.

4. Legend skin

Blue Terror

The leader of the onis who is now closer to becoming a legend.
As onis are feared by humans, everyone is afraid of talking about Aoi. Despite the rumors of her walking the night streets of Synop City, none are brave enough to see if this rumor is actually true.

Delinquent Student Council President

A punk musician and student council president who has accepted another potential story within her.
The student president who excelled in both literature and the arts and ruled the school with charisma and strength. Her free-spirited fashion style is no issue in front of her charisma. Her keyboard serves as both a live performance instrument and a symbol of her authoritarian rule. If you miss one of her live concerts, it might just be the end for you!

Misunderstood Delinquent

A powerful punk musician who has accepted another potential story within her.
The leader of oni school, and the one who everyone fears within the neighborhood. But also, a girl who is sad that her childhood friend, Kurenai, is now going to a different school. One day, Aoi saw Goldie busking and suggested that they start a band. Aoi’s forte is her precise rhythm backed by theory, which can support Goldie’s spontaneous improvisations!

5. Smashtoon&Novel


6. TMI

Aoi records all of her stories in her scrolls.
There are rumors of Aoi and Witch Queen spending leisure time in Synop City.
Aoi has been hiding for a long time, trying to gather her thoughts.
Aoi has always wanted to prevent Kurenai from engaging with humans.
Aoi’s brute strength comes from being an oni. But she has been hiding it from Kurenai.
Aoi is indifferent to other people’s businesses. That is probably why she appears to be so blunt.
Aoi is known to be one of the smartest in the Sage Council.