High Smashers


“I will show you my new power!”
Maya is a tiny girl, and a member of Hook's Freebooters. She was originally living in the Undercity of Synop City, where she created a band of thieves of moles and rats. But after finding Umbra’s secret robot and taking it for herself, she now lives as a pirate roaming the skies.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Elegant Attack

Uses G-Love’s fingers to attack, dealing a total of 500 damage. When used as Aerial Attack, it flicks its finger at the opponent, slightly knocking her backwards and dealing 400 damage.

Graceful Maneuvering

Hops forward and slams its hand on the opponent, dealing 600 damage. When used as Aerial Skill, it dives down to smack the ground with its palm, dealing 500 damage. When accelerating, it charges forward with super armor. On successful hit, Maya does an additional back kick to stun the enemy, dealing a total of 600 damage.

Let’s go, G-Love!

Maya gathers her strength for a second, then charges forward, dealing 700 damage.

3. Ability


When not receiving damage for 5 s, decreases damage received from opponent’s next attack by 26% for 1 s.

Get out of my way!

Hitting opponent with follow-up attack of her enhanced Skill increases the opponent’s damage received by 30% for 1.5 s.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

After reviving or acquiring an item, Maya enters acceleration mode by moving for 0.5 s. In acceleration mode, she gains an additional 0% Movement Speed.

I’m No Weakling!

Increases max HP by 8%, and decreases the duration of stun and freeze by 25%.

Follow Me!

Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate by 18%. When using Ultimate, charges forward and leaves behind a trail of wind for 3 s. Increases Movement Speed by 20%< for 3 s to teammates within the trail of wind.

4. Legend skin

A True Lady

A tiny little lady who is now even closer to becoming a legend. Maya has always dreamed of living a rich and peaceful life. She had finally realized her dream, but she wasn't happy as nothing exciting ever happened, and her life felt mundane. So she hops into her robot, G-Love, and heads for Synop City. There, she hopes to discover something that excites her, such as a new dream or a new purpose.

Ms. Pirate

A pirate captain who has accepted another potential story within her. Maya was once kidnapped because of her tiny size. She was terrified at first, but she mustered the courage to fight the pirates and soon found herself no longer afraid. The pirates began to follow her as a leader after witnessing this tiny lady fight valiantly. Now, Maya is a member of Hook's Freebooters and the captain of her own ship and crew.

Captain Lady

A pirate who has accepted another potential story within her. A toad kidnapped Maya and took her to the sea through a stream. What she saw next was the cursed pirate ship “G-Love” right in front of her. All pirate ships need a captain, and when left to choose between losing her life and being cursed, Maya chose the latter and became the ship's captain. Now, Maya rides the huge G-Love, searching the seas for her eternal foe, Hook.

Lady Duchess

A special outfit that appears in [One day I Encountered the Prince of My Dreams]. Lady Maya is the daughter of the Hook family, a powerful shipping family. Being who she was, she had a fiancé arranged for her, the second prince and heir to the throne, Kaiser! She falls head over heels for Kaiser's selfish and playboy attitude after meeting him for the first time... Buy and read Synop City's best-seller right now!

5. Relationships

“My pleasure, Captain!”
A boss and a comrade. Although they are captain and crewmate on paper, they are more like friends. Hook adores the young Maya, and Maya seems to respect and take to Hook as if she’s a loving grandma.
“Would you like to get dinner after this match?”
Maya’s love at first sight. She frequents Kaiser GYM after falling in love with his charms, wealth, and healthy physique. She believes it's true love, but it's difficult to tell if she really thinks that way or is just fangirling. Kaiser, who is on the denser side, has no idea nor does he seem to care.
“Give it back? Back what? This is mine now!”
Zeppetta holds a one-sided grudge against Maya. She not only discovered the location of her hidden factory, but she also stole Mecha Zeppetta's hand. Maya, however, merely thinks “finders keepers losers weepers” and taunts Zeppetta instead.
“Stop being a coward and fight!”
Brick's timidity irritates Maya. Mostly because she used to be quite shy herself. She ignores him, just as she ignored the mole. As such, Brick is terrified of Maya.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Maya’s robot, G-Love, was actually Zeppetta’s. But it’s Maya’s now.
Maya has two loyal followers, Mole and Rat.
Maya is madly in love with the strong and buff Kaiser. Kaiser, however, seems uninterested.
Maya’s dream is to live in a huge mansion and spend the rest of her days in peace.
Maya rides G-Love whenever she can. It’s like an extension of her own body.
Maya joined Hook's Freebooters, after Hook saved her from Umbra.
Only Maya knows what the “G” in G-Love stands for.