High Smashers

High Smashers

The High Smashers are ambassadors of SMASH LEGENDS. The program aims to reward content creators for building safe and wholesome communities around the game. 5minlab offers High Smashers resources to support their SMASH LEGENDS content and growth within the gaming industry.
Starting from April 2022, the High Smashers program will continue to expand in numbers and perks. Our goal is to represent the diversity within our creator space by onboarding partners in various regions, genders, languages, cultural backgrounds and in all walks of life. We continue to invite creators to join the High Smashers program throughout the year.

Perks of a High Smasher

Private communication with 5minlab
Resources for content creation
Potential information regarding upcoming content to reveal to their communities
The opportunity to try out the Playtest Build
The opportunity to be featured in game through the ‘Hot Clip’ menu
Exclusive in-game profile icons


How can I apply to become a High Smasher?
Members are evaluated and chosen by 5minlab. There is no application process for the program. To be considered for the High Smashers program, please tag us by including the following hashtags: BOTH #SmashHigh and #SMASHLEGENDS when displaying your content on social channels such as YouTube and Twitch. (e.g. Twitch and YouTube title/descriptions)
What are you looking for in a High Smasher?
5minlab is looking for passionate content creators that have an established positive presence in the SMASH LEGENDS Community and creator space. Per week, a minimum of 1 published video on Youtube or 3 dedicated SMASH LEGENDS streams on Twitch is required. A clear content schedule, community interactions and channel metric signs of growth are also taken into consideration. In general, we are looking for creators that demonstrate a positive ambassadorship of SMASH LEGENDS and adhere to the game’s terms of use.
How do I know if I am considered?
5minlab reaches out to potential partners through private messaging, preferably email.
Do High Smashers work for 5minlab?
No. High Smashers are ambassadors of SMASH LEGENDS. Please do not rely on content creators to forward in-game feedback or offer player support. For any game related questions, please visit our Customer Service page or the official SMASH LEGENDS Discord server.
Do they know everything about future updates?
No, they do not. However, they may have opportunities to receive information and reveal upcoming content on their channels.
Content creators are a big part of the reason SMASH LEGENDS is loved in various regions in the world. We are always truly grateful for your passion and commitment to our game. We have noticed the sub-communities built by our creators that promote a safe online and IRL space. We are always in search of interesting SL content, and we have been enjoying your content. We hope to support more content creators in the future as we expand our resources. A massive thank you to all the incredible SMASH LEGENDS creatives!