High Smashers


“Welcome to Alice’s laboratory– I mean, SMASH LEGENDS!”
A young girl who has decided to become a scientist in an effort to explain the strange things that occurred in Wonderland.
She is always researching new items with her robot assistant Bunny-Bunny. But sometimes, her excessive passion and curiosity causes a commotion.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Bunny-Bunny Hammer

Swings Bunny-Bunny horizontally, dealing damage. Swings Bunny-Bunny vertically when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Alice’s Almighty Land Mine

Throws a mine. The mine explodes when any foe is within the range, dealing damage and stuns. Mines last.

Bunny-Bunny Black Hole

Strikes the ground to create a shockwave, dealing damage, and pulls foes hit toward Alice. Foes struck by the shockwave are also stunned for a second.

3. Ability

Hidden Powers

Increases Basic Attack when using Skill is available.

Move Aside!

Getting smashed creates 3 3-second mines that deal damage nearby.


Increases Movement Speed.

Scientific Correlation

For every successful Basic Attack against an opponent Skill cooldown decreases.

Mine Bombardment

Increases number of mines to 2 when used as Ground Skill, but the range of explosion narrows. Each mine deals damage.

4. Legend skin

Seekers of Truth

A genius girl scientist who is now closer to becoming a legend. Countless stories has inspired her, and countless events provided her with knowledge. Together with her partner robot, 'Bunny-Bunny,' she searches for eternal knowledge, which in turn, brings her closer to a legend called, the truth.

Queen of Hearts

A genius girl scientist who has accepted another potential story within her to become a queen. Rising up against the tyranny of their old queen, the Trump Soldiers have now made a vow to serve this visitor as their new queen. And soon, the girl fell in love with her land filled with wonders.

Queen of Black and White

A genius girl scientist in white, who has accepted another potential story within her. Succeeding the throne for the Queen of White, she has become mesmerized by calculating all possible odds that could come out of the chess board in Mirror Land. But once she finally finished her calculations, she began to think of a new world. A new world filled with endless calculations and interesting problems to solve.


A genius girl scientist wearing the Spring Flower event outfit. Spring is here! And a new appropriate attire is needed to welcome the season of blooming flowers. All of the sponsors have begun to dress their talented Legends as fashion models. Now, the brilliant girl steps into the arena with an outfit fitting for a new beginning.

Snowflake Fairy

A special outfit made to celebrate [New Year Event]. The year has ended, and a New Year approaches the Library World. A beautiful new outfit to welcome the New Year with a fresh new attitude! This year will be filled with good news! Happy New Year everyone!

5. Relationships

“Ducky, I’m here to help! I’m glad we’re on the same team!”
Alice's closest friend. They both have a do-it-yourself mentality, which has led to them becoming best friends. Alice especially likes how Ducky never asks to “borrow” her scientific skills.
“I’m not handing over Rabbit Company to you, got it?”
7D’s CEO who wants to purchase Alice’s Rabbit Company. Alice has fond memories of the White Rabbit at Rabbit Company, and is tired of Snow’s endless attempt to buy it. Although she has heard about the situation through the White Rabbit, her answer will always be no.
“Thanks for the delivery, Cindy! Want some cake while you’re here?(I really want to examine those Glass Slippers...)”
Alice became close with Cindy while using her delivery service. Alice and Cindy just clicked because of Cindy's outgoing personality, and Alice admires Cindy's enthusiasm for all of her inventions. Most importantly, Alice hopes to one day conduct research on her Glass Slippers. Alice is trying her best to hide her Mad Scientist side from showing.
“Wow! Your tail is so soft and fluffy! But, um... Haven’t we met somewhere before?”
A big, cute, fluffy cat. Alice wants to pet him all day, but Master Cat tries his best to avoid her. She wonders if he has any relation to the Cheshire Cat from Wonderland.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The genius scientist of the Library World! That's Alice.
Dr. Rabbit studied the knowledge of many stories with Alice.
Dr. Rabbit studied the knowledge of many stories with Alice.
Alice is the chairman of the Rabbit Company.
Alice's partner robot which always stands beside her is 'Bunny-Bunny’
Alice once created a transformation device to the hero of justice in secret.
Alice wants to keep the Rabbit Company safe, so she keeps turning down merger offers from Snow.