High Smashers


“Now, let’s turn the world into a warm, happy place.”
An infamous pyromaniac who is feared by everyone.\nShe tries to burn up everything with her cannon, the “Match Maker,” but she believes that she is carrying out a noble act of “warming up the world filled with chills.”


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Small Kindling

Fires the cannon. The projectile travels in an arc and explodes upon impact, dealing damage.

Gentle Heart

Fires a giant fireball in a straight line. The ball explodes upon impact, dealing damage. The fireball is shot towards the ground when used as Aerial Skill, allowing Flare to jump again with the recoil, and deals damage.

Happy World

Fires a giant fireball into the air, which splits into 5 different pieces and explodes upon hitting the ground, dealing damage while creating burning areas. The burning areas last and damages all foes that enter the area by damaging every 0.2 s.

3. Ability

Catch Me If You Can!

Increases Movement Speed for 3 s upon using an Aerial Skill, and slows the Movement Speed of the hit opposing Legend for 3 s.

Flames of Deterioration

Increases Movement Speed for 3 s upon using an Aerial Skill, and decreases Movement Speed of hit opponents for 3 s.

Burning Cannon

Increases Basic Attack and Skill damage when Ultimate is available.

Still One Shot Left

Refunds Skill cooldown upon hitting an opposing Legend or an object with Ground Skills and increases damage.

Flammable Ammo

After using the Ultimate ability, Basic Attacks create a circle on impact that deals AoE damage per 0.33 s for 6 s. Each circle lasts for 3 s.

4. Legend skin

Angel of Flames

An infamous pyromaniac who is now closer to becoming a legend. It wasn't easy trying to warm up this cold world. But the girl did not give up. Despite the countless interference from others, she lights up another fire to stop any other girls from ending up like her.

Girl of Dreams

A popular girl who has accepted another potential story within her.
With the miracles from her matches, the girl is able to make her wishes come true. Wearing a warm outfit that was gifted to her by her family, she shoots out fireworks with her toy cannon to make everyone happy.

Fantasy Flames

A fire magician who has accepted another potential story within her.
There are delicious food, pretty clothes, cute dolls and all sorts of wonderful fantasies hidden in flames. The girl wanted to share these fantasies with everyone, but she never realized that she is the only person who is able to see them in the fires she conjured up.

Fairy of Warnth

A special outfit made to celebrate [Happy Merry Winter!].
Flare is feared by many in Synop City. But today, she is a fairy who is trying to bring warmth to people (not the usual kind). The spectacular fireworks shot from a specially carfted cannon bring warmth and happiness to the people. ???: ‘What? Just one day like this wouldn’t be a problem, right?’


A special outfit made to celebrate [Troublemakers, Move Out!]. Excited to join the fun festival of SMASH LEGENDS, Flare was gifted this outfit by a kind wizard, so that she is able to play together with her scissor-wielding friend, and to never put a stop to her pleasant laughter with exploding flames.

5. Relationships

“I want to spread the warmth you gave me to everyone.”
The only person to take her in, name her, and show her warmth in this cold and lonely world. Flare is grateful for the Witch Queen and regards her as a savior. The Witch Queen, however, keeps her distance from Flare and lets her run loose.
“I’m only trying to make this world a better place! You’re a bad duck!”
The “hero” Swan that interferes with Flare’s mission to spread warmth to the world with her virtuous flame. To Flare, Swan is nothing but an evil villain trying to keep this world ice cold. Although Flare learns that Swan is actually Ducky by participating in Smash Legends, she is not the only one on Flare’s list.
“She’s so pretty like fire. Red...”
Flare wants to be friends with Red because she admires Red's all-red outfits and fiery personality. She frequently asks Red to play with her and thinks of her as a little sister. Red, however, is scared of Flare because she’s like a wild card.
“You’re cold... Here, Flare will warm you up!”
The enemy of her savior, the Witch Queen. Despite meeting Snow for the first time in Smash Legends, Flare dislikes him because of his name and his "cold" demeanor. Flare wants to warm Snow up for his sake as well as for the Witch Queen.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

The name Flare was given by the Witch Queen.
Flare is a good girl, she helps everyone in the world stay warm.
Flare hates everything that is cold, but ice cream is an exception.
Even today, Flare is setting things on fire to keep the world warm.
Flare thinks that Swan is an evil person because she always interferes in her efforts to keep everybody warm.
Flare likes Red's red clothes, and wants to become friends.
Flare's hobbies are playing with matches, drawing, and setting fires.