High Smashers


“Is it time to fight? Sounds good!”
A troublemaker punk musician who has accepted another potential story within her.
When you watch Goldie’s reckless performance on stage, you can’t help but think that Goldie will probably wreck havoc to any lawless villains. But no one knows that all her actions are calculated moves to attract attention and create controversy.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

The Sick Move

Charges forward and swings the guitar twice to deal damage. Smashes the guitar down to deal damage when used as Aerial Skill.

Just the Right Spray!

Rolls the Spray Can to deal damage, and leaves Spray Mark effect on the hit opponents. Throws the Spray Can down to deal damage when used as Aerial Skill, and leaves Spray Mark effect on the hit target. All Legends will gain HP recovery effect each time they hit the opponents marked with Spray Mark.

This is IT!

Plays the guitar to attack the opponents with powerful soundwaves to deal damage.

3. Ability

Just the right color!

Increases the HP recovery amount of Legends who attacks opponents with the Spray Mark. Additional HP recovery amount increases by 3% as Goldie's level increases.

Don’t you just hate boredom?

Decreases the gauge required for Ultimate.

Shake before use!

Decreases Skill cooldown by seconds every time you hit an enemy with Ground Attack.


Increases Basic Attack damage when both Ultimate and Skill are not available.

Wild Concert

Increases Ultimate damage and applies Spray Mark effect on the opponents hit by the final attack of Ultimate for 10 seconds, the effect allows allies to gain fixed HP recovery effect with each hit.

4. Legend skin

Chaotic Troublemaker

A rebellious punk musician who is now closer to becoming a legend.
Everyone is trying to define Goldie. Rebel, Resistant, etc. But Goldie refuses to be defined. She does not want to be defined. Why? Because each moment is unique. Yesterday, Goldie painted Graffiti. Today she will perform in a concert. Tomorrow, she will SMASH a Legend. The Library World is full of mysterious and fun stuff. Goldie likes to wander around the world freely as a chaotic person who is not defined.

Model Student in Disguise

A nice punk musician who has accepted another potential story within her.
She is neatly dressed, always polite, and known to everyone as a model student. She truly loves her music, and she is always at the after school music class with her guitar. But once that guitar is taken out of the case, her personality takes a 180 degrees turn. Watch out for her violent performance!

Carefree Artist

A special outfit she wore when making [This wall ROCKS!].
Goldie applied all her artistic energy for the painting on the wall of the Three Bears Restaurant, famous for their Just Right temperature soup. To some, it may just be another graffiti on the street, but others praise it as an outstanding work of art. But Goldie doesn’t care. She is out looking for just the right size wall to draw another painting today.

5. Relationships

“Hey, bossman. My wallet’s dry. I need some cash.”
7D’s CEO and her financier. She only drops by to ask for money and doesn’t hold an ounce of appreciation for him. Snow is patient with her, as he trusts the shepherd’s words. When she gets her money, she comes again the next day.
“What makes you think we’re on the same page?”
Some hag that’s been trying to recruit her into her merry band. Goldie doesn’t like her gang, she doesn’t like how she’s told to be loyal, and she absolutely doesn’t like how she’ll be controlled if she joins.
“Bug off lady! Don’t tell me what to do!”
Some old lady that’s constantly nagging her. The only thing she gives her is a bucket full of nagging. It’s not because she’s not used to having anyone worry about her, but rather that she’s just annoyed that she’s constantly being told what to do.
“I get paid to have fun! You get paid to work all night.”
An annoying guy that hates her. Robin is usually sent as cleanup after Goldie’s shenanigans, and to Robin, who hates children but can’t give up on justice, Goldie is as annoying as one can get. On top of that, he can’t seem to find comebacks to Goldie’s taunts.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

Small number of people like Goldie’s rebellious songs and her graffiti, but they are all very passionate and loyal fans.
Goldie is a symbol of resistance in the Library World, but she doesn’t care.
A park in Synop City, a back alley in the Lower Level, or other places. Goldie's live performances can happen anywhere!
Goldie’s guitar is a specially made guitar by 7D. It produces exceptional sound and boasts strong durability.
When the guitar breaks during a match or a live performance, Goldie always bills Snow for a new one.
Goldie is always looking for something that is just right for her, but her heart is fickle.
Many people attempted to define Goldie but the only person that can define Goldie is... Goldie!