High Smashers


“I’ll show you the ways of a pirate!”
This pirate captain was turned into a cyborg after surviving a terrible accident.
Although she is a notorious outlaw in the sea of clouds as she plunders even from the worst villains, she has a strict policy of never hurting the weak.


1. Introduction video

2. Skill

Gun Dance

Shoots the gun forward, dealing damage.

Rapid Fire

Rapidly fires the gun forward, dealing damage. Fires the gun diagonally towards the ground when used as Aerial Skill, dealing damage.

Firepower Support

Summons a parrot drone. Parrot drone fires additional projectiles as Hook fires her gun. Parrot drone lasts for 1 and each projectile deals additional damage.

3. Ability

Superalloy Prosthetic Leg

Increases Movement Speed.

Quick Reload

Every successful Basic Attack decreases Skill cooldown by seconds.


Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate.

Overheated Pistol

Increases Basic Attack damage when Skill is not available.


Movement Speed is increased by 6% and all attacks deal more damage when your Ultimate ability is active.

4. Legend skin

Watcher of the Sea

A cyborg pirate captain who has accepted another potential story within her. Once a legendary pirate, she has now become a legendary sailor. There are rumors about her joining the navy after being betrayed by her old comrades. And some even say that she just wanted to settle down, or is looking to plot something against the navy from within. But no one has ever figured out the truth.

Crow Doctor

A special outfit made to celebrate [Spooky Fearsome Night]. Don't be afraid. Of the crow mask and syringe shaped gun. The mysterious crow doctor will not hurt you. But why does a doctor wield a gun? The answer is simple. It is to pacify the patients who refuse to get their treatment!

Unexpected Guest

A special outfit made to celebrate [1/2 Year Tea Party]. A party is being held, commemorating the start of SMASH LEGENDS. Looking forward to greater success and future achievements, Hook was hesitant to attend the party because of the person that invited her, but appears in the ballroom wearing the clothes that she made herself, instead of the gifted dress.

5. Relationships

“I’ll be watching you, kid.”
An old enemy from the past. But now, Hook expects Peter to be her future rival.
“What a big brat you are!”
Reminds her of Peter, but is more mischievous. Following Hook's fight with the Witch Queen, Red is on a never-ending quest for vengeance against Hook, which is giving her headaches.
“Ugh...  As if I’ll work for you. You’re not even a pirate!”
Hook is tired of the Witch Queen trying to drag her into Umbra. Although she’ll fight the Witch Queen in battle, it leaves a bitter taste in her mouth after.

6. Smashtoon&Novel


7. TMI

When Hook was summoned into the Library World, she was involved in a terrible accident in her pirate ship.
After the accident, Hook received a cyborg remodeling surgery by someone.
After coming to the Library World, Hook sails the skies instead of the ocean.
Hook is tired of those who wants to scout her.
Hook always adheres to her faith to never harm those who are weaker than her.
Hook built a mechanical battleship by finding the treasures from sunken pirate ships.
The crew aboard Hook's ship are defective robots who were attracted by Hook's pirate adventures.
Hook is popular amongst robots. Perhaps they are attracted because of her cyborg body?
The outlaw of the cloud sea who even plunders from the bad guys! The notorious Captain Hook!